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One Indian passenger named Anantharaman Subbaraman arrived at Kuwait airport.

He ended up waiting for his visa for about 2 hrs for the authorities to call his name...

Finally, he got wild and went to the Kuwait authorities and shouted why they haven't called his name yet. They retaliated & claimed that they have been calling him for the last hour and a half... ... and were wondering why he hadn't responded!

The reason was made clear when the Kuwait immigration officer announced his name again on the microphone as :

'Another man, Super man'



  • born_star16
  • Radhika Deshpande
    Radhika Deshpande
    Another one -

    A woman awoke excitedly on Valentine's Day and announced enthusiastically to her husband, "I just dreamed that you gave me a pearl necklace for Valentine's day! What do you think it means?"

    With certainty in his voice, the man said, "You'll know tonight." That evening the man came home with a small package and handed it to his wife.

    With anxious anticipation the woman quickly opened the package to find a book entitled - "The Meaning of Dreams".
  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    Super Like! put some more skills that Men should have .....I need them badly

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