• Full form of JPEG (aka .jpeg aka .jpg) is Joint Photographic Experts Group. .jpeg or often used as .jpg is one of the most commonly used image file formats on the Internet because they offer smaller file sizes which are optimal for slower network connections. Note that when the images are converted into .jpeg / .jpg formats, the overall quality of the image is degraded. Typically most of the images from other formats like .png or .bmp would be reduced to 10% of their original size at which the loss in image quality isn't very visible to human eyes.

    Progressive JPEG or Interlaced format: Photoshop users may be aware of this format. It's an interesting format because it compresses the data in multiple passes of higher detail. That is, a large image is rendered on Internet connections in multiple goes. When the Internet is slower, the format loads the reasonable preview with just a few bytes of data; and then goes on to load higher quality image as it receives more bytes from the server. This gives an impression that the images are loaded quickly and the quality is enhanced as the other parts of the web page are downloaded.

    Interesting Fact To Know : Maximum resolution of .jpeg file can be 65535x65535. Feel free to add more facts and information about .jpeg file format below.
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  • Anoop Kumar

    MemberDec 3, 2013

    .jpg because, command line can't recognize extension more than 3 characters.
    65535x65535 is the limit of integer 2^32.
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