Joining CDAC for switching DOMAIN

Helllo guys,

I have been following CE discussions regarding CDAC for a while and i want to present a very odd situation of mine ( read as "problem" ). I had completed my BE in 2011 and did assistantship in COEP on a Research project. My hope of getting into embedded industry vanished as i joined Infosys limited which didn't go as per what i wanted viz: technology and location.

I plan to switch to Embedded systems design as i was quite good at that in college and still feel i can do well. I will be giving the upcomming Common admission test in dec for CDAC as i feel this is the only way possible to enter into Hitech Industry....but the ultimate question is does any body know of a similar situation like mine where a person left IT domain after around 1 and half years of exp and switched to Embedded or HiTech domain. Are the prospects good for such people...please suggest what to do....since i think time might be running out and i am still in a dilemma..

Looking forward to your honest advice.


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Welcome to CE, @#-Link-Snipped-#. Glad to have you with us on CrazyEngineers. You do have an 'odd' situation; but it doesn't look like difficult one to address. Knowing what you want to do is a great step and you can definitely get into job that you love to do.

    I'd recommend not quitting your current job until you've secured admission to the most desired course and institute (if it matters). It'd help if you could enquire about the jobs that have been offered to candidates who've successfully been through the course. I'd check & recheck institutes track record before actually deciding on quitting job. Best - why not simply write to the company that you'd like to join once you've successfully done the course?

    Get in touch with people working in your dream companies via LinkedIn and put your case in front of them. I'd target recruitment heads and project managers of the desired company and interact with them. You'll be surprised to see how helpful people turn out to be.

    There are alternate ways as well. Have you considered courses that you can take part time? I'm not sure if Pune's traffic will allow you time to do that; but if that's an option, I'd definitely exercise it. Be doubly sure that you'll get the job you really want to do once you've been through all the steps.

    Finally, make sure that you turn your Infosys experience to your advantage. Convince the interviewer that since you've left your previous job for the love of the embedded domain; you will do very well at the job. Any recruiter would definitely love a candidate who's switched domain to work in the field he/she loves. Wishing you all the best and hope you get your dream job.
  • Nayan Gadre
    Nayan Gadre
    Thanks for the advice Kaustubh....Infact i had applied for posts in KPIT for an image processing project explaining my scenario and my desire to switch domain....but nonetheless no response.....anyways...will keep hope active.. Thanks again.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    You're doing unconventional thing and that'd need an unconventional approach. Why not connect with someone in KPIT via LinkedIn and ask for a personal appointment? I'd recommend setting up an appointment with the HR or someone really senior in the organisation to explain your case and ask for guidance?

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