Vignesh Ananth
Vignesh Ananth
12 Sep 2015

Job Opportunities for upcoming engineers

Dear Friends.....
I am from southern Tamil nadu... Students from our area who pursuing Engineering has a doubt in mind about their future job opportunities.... Could anyone offer us a valuable information about upcoming technologies and future scope in engineering sector. These information provide us valuable and effort for our future career..
I guess every graduating engineer should only focus on ensuring that their skills and knowledge are up to date - and stop worrying about job opportunities. No one really knows the direction in which technology and science is heading; and which technologies will have 'scope'. All things said, new technologies and domains will keep coming and all that matters is that you know the theory well so that the practical doesn't look alien.

For the latest updates, you should hang around CE. It's likely that you'll be the first one to know about latest happenings in the engineering world here 😀


Branch Unspecified
3 years ago
can u send the link where i get exact information on off campus placements for freshers happening for mechanical engineer. In hyderabad.

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