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@Asif ri • 02 Sep, 2013
what are the job opportunities available in public as well as private sector after an M.Tech in electrical engineering?
@Asif ri • 02 Sep, 2013 To be specific, what kind of jobs one can get after M.Tech in power systems engineering?
@Saandeep Sreerambatla • 02 Sep, 2013 Moved the thread to appropriate section!

Job Opportunities depends on what field you are will to go into.

You will have a fresher salary and no big difference (If compared to Btech) if you go into a software company.

One more stream you can look is for Assistant or Associate professor jobs where in Mtech gives a definite edge over others.

People willing to pursue PHd after Mtech , has a good opportunities working as lecturer and studying.

One more field is Electrical companies, you will be given a higher position compared to Btech in technical companies.
@Asif ri • 04 Sep, 2013 thx mod..!
and can u tell me how i can move this thread to appropriate section ?..
@Saandeep Sreerambatla • 04 Sep, 2013 I moved the thread. Only Admin and mods have permissions to move the threads. So ideally you cant move any thread. Please post threads in appropriate sections, if you think you have posted something in a wrong section please let us know so that we will move it where ever it belong.
@Asif ri • 07 Sep, 2013 k thnx.. mod!
if there is no relevant section, how can i start a thread in suitable section?
since i'm new to this kind of things.. please guide me... thx in advance....

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