Job opening in Satyam: I'll refer you!

Hello All,

Incase Satyam does have recruitments...
we (satyamites) will be aware of it and some times we can as well submit resumes of our recomendation

So let's keep aside whether Satyam is recruting or not..
let's see on pisitive side.. we have MORE JOBS!!! 😁

so... please start posting your resume in this thread..
in case I get to know about any recrutments AND recomendations are opened...

I shall pick up resumes from here and submit..

Not only me...
many be any company;s employess can do it...

submit to their own company as recomendation..

we will definetly making this a better place....with more jobs and less unemployment..πŸ˜€


  • durga ch
    durga ch
    hello all

    Please send your resumes to
    #-Link-Snipped-# πŸ˜€

    please be aware that i will be able to refer you only when we have "REFERAL OPENING'

    and the priority of resume pick up is :
    FIFO 😁
  • yadav.rinki
    Admin says: Rinki, providing phone number, contact details in an open forum could be dangerous. Therefore, I have snipped few things from your post. You could instead email your resume to Durga.


    Email i.d:


    To work in a challenging atmosphere that provides ample opportunities for learning and growth in IT Industry.


    οƒ˜ Languages VB.NET, CORE JAVA,C,C++
    οƒ˜ Web Tools HTML
    οƒ˜ Applications MS OFFICE.
    οƒ˜ Operating System WIN 98, Win XP.


    οƒ˜ Demonstrated written and communication skills
    οƒ˜ Interact comfortably and effectively with multiple teams at various levels of an organization.
    οƒ˜ Access and utilize of the relationship between design, business processes, technology and


    οƒ˜ B.Tech(Information Technology) from GURU JAMBHESHWAR UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE &
    TECHNOLOGY, HISAR (Session: 2004-2008 with 68%).

    οƒ˜ AISSCE(12th) from CBSE (in 2004 with 65%).

    οƒ˜ AISSE(10th) from CBSE (in 2002 with 80%).


    οƒ˜ Completed Training (18/6/07-01/8/07) in NATIONAL THERMAL POWER CORPORATION (NTPC) , DELHI as a trainee in the special project ofβ€œCOMPUTER NETWORKS AND INTERNET APPLICATION”.
    οƒ˜ Submitted Project on OPEN SOURCE in Department in 4th Semester.
    οƒ˜ Submitted Project on WEB BROWSER in Department in 8th Semester.


    οƒ˜ Second prize in painting competition held on 26 JAN 2000.
    οƒ˜ Participated in science exhibition.
    οƒ˜ First prize in an event of 400m race.
    οƒ˜ Acting as Class Representative.
    οƒ˜ Organizer for decoration committee in Technical Fest(KSHITIJ) held on
    24-25OCT 2007


  • durga ch
    durga ch
    hello Rinky.

    Thanks for that...
    Once We get to know there are referal opening I shall start forwarding the resumes.HHopefully few from this crowd as well gets picked up πŸ˜€
    Mean while...I can see little typos"achievement" in the resume..

    its a resume and your calibre is reflected in it. So could you please correct it??
    as well..

    I have noticed that you see, to be 2008 passout..

    So is professional experience relavant there???
    final point ..

    Please send it as a word document to the email id mentioned.

    and name it as either resume or cirriculum vitae..
  • durga ch
    durga ch
    Hi Mods,

    Can this thread be closed.
    As everyone is aware of Satyam's situtaion in past few months, many things have changed.

    i will let you guys know in case any referal entires are open and you can thens end down the resume.

    I have been lately recieving many resumes to my crazyengineers mail ID and I feel sad for not being able to help and I dont want yout o pin up false hopes.I would rather suggest to go through proper job referals channels. please donnot send any resumes to me. I shall notify upon referal openings and post the requirements, you can then send down the resumes.


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