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shyam_ub • Jan 16, 2009

Job offer delayed, too late to think of higher studies, what to do?

hi ppl,
i am in my final year of my BE ECE and hav got placed in an IT firm.
A few weeks back i got an info tht they may call only in the next Jan or Feb.
By the time i could think of any higher studies, all the entrances got over..😔
Im a purely technical person and i clearly know that i cant do an MBA.
I tried my hand on gate the last year, but did not take it so seriously. and also no plans of going to US as there r some ppl already suffering( and i do hav money constraints). What can i probably do now..😕 😒

I would be happy if somebody can really understand the situation.

thanking you,
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 16, 2009
Welcome to CE, Friend. There are lot of engineering graduates who got calls from their hiring companies that the joining will be delayed. At least, you have hope. I've heard that lot of engineering graduates in India are being told that they can look for another job.

There is no need to go for MBA. Stick to technical. I assume your interest lies in software development. How do you like the idea of going for a 3 month certification course [CCNA, JCP, Red Hat Certification etc.]? This should help you in two ways -

1. Constructive use of your time.
2. Enhancing your skill-set; thus giving you an edge over other applicants for any job.

In the mean time, you can carry on your job search (I'd recommend this!). If possible, you may choose to join a startup on a part-time basis. The pay might be low, but the experience will be a huge benefit.

Stop worrying and start seeking solutions to your problems. That's the way to go. We are always available for any help you may need.
Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak • Jan 17, 2009
This is a normal situation every where. New projects have dried up, forcing companies to withhold their hiring. But I'm sure the situation will improve. As biggie said, its good that you have at least been told when they are going to call you. There are many others who have got deferral or rejection letters.

Doing new courses might give you an edge over other candidates. But understand this, IT is not the only line you should target. The additional courses might actually narrow your horizon. There are other businesses where the impact of slowdown isn't much. They are doing well. So you might look at an alternative career too. You are an ECE engineer. I'm sure you will find a chance to go into core engineering. Or get a part time job some where.

In case if you are still expected to cool off your heels, update your knowledge. 😀
Be happy and stay calm!
shyam_ub • Jan 17, 2009
hi Big_K and mayur,
I would like to first of all thank you ppl for a very prompt & helping reply.
As you said im also interested in core job. I will start towards my job hunt asap. Im also interested in certifications like CCNA, Red Hat, etc. So I think i will do it as of now. But i hav a few more doubts.

1. Can I try for IT companies along with core, because im an ECE student and being a fresher, they might not lend me an IT job in a short term basis.
2. And which certification do i choose.. Can it be based on my own interest.
My interest is in Linux and Open source softwares.

Other than these im clear now in proceeding with the job hunt. will let you know the status from time to time.. :smile:

Thanking you,

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