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@Kaustubh Katdare • 09 Apr, 2015 • 1 like
Reliance Industries Limited owned Reliance Jio Infocomm has launched a brand new mobile messenger, called Jio Chat. Let's face it - the mobile messenger markets are overcrowded and there's hardly any room for new messengers to make a dent; but that challenge has not deterred Mr. Mukesh Ambani from launching the Jio Chat app. While the senior Ambani is finalising plan to launch ambitious 4G services all over India, the launch of messaging app is bit surprising. Does the Jio Chat have the potential to be your whatsapp, hike, we chat or viber replacement? We decided to find out.

The Jio Chat has been released on the android and iOS platforms. The 20MB app takes only a few seconds to download and install. The account activation is quite straightforward and the process is very similar to that of WhatsApp. You enter your mobile number and then you receive an SMS that activates your account. Once active, you can start messaging with other Jio Chat users. The contacts lists will let you invite other users to the app. Since the app is in its infant stage, the number of users on your contact list with Jio Chat activated is bound to be too small; and that may put restriction on how quickly the app can grow.

The app designers seem to have derived inspiration from most of the already popular instant messengers in the market. Make no mistake - Jio Chat, even with its version 1.0.0, is loaded with features and facilities. It connects to the Internet via your 3G/WiFi connection. It then lets you send messages, stickers, emoticons, drawings aka doodles, photos, videos, your geo-location information etc. The app also offers a 'channels' feature that lets you stay up to date with your favorite celebrities, brands or teams (viz. Mumbai Indians). The app lets you make group audio calls and what we really liked is that it also supports group video calls; which is a nice feature that's missed on WhatsApp. Of course, you can always form groups just like you do on WhatsApp.


If the contact you are calling is not a Jio Chat user, the app offers you to make a call using your regular telecom service provider. Reliance is offering 100 SMS messages free per month to let you send messages to non Jio Chat users; hoping that they'll convert into Jio Chat users. The voice call quality is reportedly a lot better than what you're getting on WhatsApp - which surely ain't good. We're yet to test the group video calling quality. The Jio Chat app is likely to make money through the channels that list themselves on the app. The end users are likely to have the access to app totally free.

The only downside of the app seems to be the CPU usage. We hope that the CPU usage will be brought down in the upcoming versions of Jio Chat. Overall, Jio Chat seems to be quite a solid offering; but the limited number of early adopters could provide a biggest obstacle for the app to gain popularity. Note that just providing lots of features isn't a sure shot way to win the game; and Reliance could just be aiming to get some market share; if not planning to become a market leader.

Do let us know your thoughts on Jio Chat. Download it from the source links below.

Source: Android | iOS
@Anoop Kumar • 09 Apr, 2015 • 1 like Worth a try for Make In India👍
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