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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Nov 22, 2011

JaxtrSMS - World's First Free Mobile Texting Application From Hotmail Co-Founder

JaxtrSMS is a new application from Sabeer Bhatia, Hotmail Co-Founder and Yogesh Patel under the company Sabse Technoliges, that let's the users send messages to anyone irrespective of them having JaxtrSMS app or not. What's great is that the JaxtrSMS app is free & downloadable and works on almost all smartphones and tablets. It works on  iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry & Symbian powered devices. Users can send local as well as international texts using this app.


Sabeer Bhatia, who is the CEO of JaxtrSMS, launched this app today & said ''Fifteen years ago, we gave you, the world's first webmail service that freed up e-mail from confines of the desktop and aided the creation of a global communication network which was completely open and free for users. This app has been created by developers from Mumbai & Ahmedabad, India.

Why use JaxtrSMS? The official website says -

    [*]Save Money - Send text messages for FREE.
    [*]Save Time - works on WiFi & 3G and all devices
    [*]Instant Delivery - our app to app delivery of messages is instant

As you are well aware by now, TRAI had imposed 100 SMS per day restriction, which was later extended to 200 SMSes per day. So, JaxtrSMS fully complies with this no. of SMS restriction. If you remember, Jaxtr, launched in 2007, is a 'Voice over IP' app and a social network, which was acquired by Sabse Technologies in 2009 and currently operates in US, Latin America and Europe. In India, VoIP services are prohibited for national security reasons.

If you are wondering about how will their company generate revenues since everything is free to the user, Mr. Bhatia has explained that contextual advertisements and premium services such as archiving, retrieving and downloading messages online, horoscope and other modes will be their prime revenue generation schemes & Soon, JaxtrSMS will open up the API to developers

Since there is nothing to lose, the users are going to give it a try. Download the app from their official website & let us know what you think.

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