Jawbone Releases UP24 App For Android

Jawbone has finally released the new Android app for its wireless fitness tracker, acknowledging the ever-increasing demand of Android users. This new Android app requires a smartphone running on Android 4.3 or later. It allows the data collected by UP24 to sync wirelessly and deliver real-time feedback on steps, calorific burn, sleep, and other metrics features. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 that iOS users have been enjoying since the UP24 was first launched in November last year. The product still comes in two parts — the wristband that tracks movement, sleeping patterns and includes a vibrating alarm function, and newly launched Android app that presents movement, sleep and food data, and allows interaction with other Up users.


The latest 3.0 version of the Up app launched last November, introduces some new features specifically for the Up24. Live notifications let you know when you're about to meet your fitness goals. Users can set a vibrating "Smart Alarm" using this app, instead of having to plug the device into their smartphone. It packs a new sleep recovery tool that allows users to estimate their sleep, even if the band isn't put into sleep mode, along with streaks and milestones that recognise short and long term progress. It’s also possible to link the UP24 with third-party apps, including RunKeeper, and MyFitnessPal and supports 12 languages.


When the original Jawbone UP was launched in 2011, it lacked Android support and later in 2013, it launched wireless UP fitness tracker for iOS devices. Finally it took four months for company to make its latest activity tracker compatible with the most popular mobile operating system - Android. Earlier, users had to manually synchronize the UP band by plugging it into a phone or tablet's headphone jack rather than enjoying the wireless convenience of UP24. Bluetooth LE isn't the only benefit of the UP24 over the UP, but it also has a wireless vibration alarm setting support, and real-time integration with IFTTT courtesy of Jawbones open API's. Jawbone has claimed that the Up24 will last up to seven days before requiring a recharge, whereas the original model promised up to 10 days of battery life.

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How does it work?

The Jawbone UP24 band tracks a user's daily activities ranging from exercise to standard walking, and then feeds that data to the Up companion app for Android. This information from the activity tracker can be combined with data about sleep and eating habits that can paint a picture of someone's health. The app then provides long-term tracking for health benchmarks and can provider reminders during inactive periods to work towards that goal.


Major drawback of this fitness tracker is that Android devices lacking Bluetooth Smart cannot connect to an UP24, so I suggest you to better check the specifications of your phone before purchasing it. Beware as the Device spec sheets usually indicate the feature as Bluetooth LE or Bluetooth Low energy. The UP24 is available now, priced at $149.99 and you can download the all new Android app, which is available in the Google Playstore. We would certainly like to hear from you, Share with us your thoughts in comments below.

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