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java oracle connectivity

Question asked by keerthi22 in #Databases on May 29, 2010
keerthi22 · May 29, 2010
hi friends did anybody know java with oracle connectivity.. please help.. did i need to change any modification in control panel for java oracle connectivity like other connectivity
please give full details Posted in: #Databases
sookie · May 31, 2010
Rank C1 - EXPERT
Hi keerthi22,

As far as I know, you need to import ojdbc14.jar into your java application and then using JDBC, you can directly connect to Oracle Database.

STEP 1: Download ojdbc14.jar file from Oracle JDBC Drivers release Downloads

STEP 2: Add ojdbc14.jar to the build path of you project.

STEP 3: Create a Java Program like following


STEP 4: Output like following will be shown when above program will be run


In above program,
URL= Connection String including HOSTNAME, PORT NO, SID.
DRIVER = Name of the driver used.

Note: In above case OracleDriver is used. You can connect to any other driver also in similar way.
Username = username used to connect to the database
Password = password used to connect to the database

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