Jailchalo.com Launched By IAC : Register To Go To Jail

The India Against Corruption (IAC) team has launched a new portal jailchalo.com to ask people to register their interest in going to the jail in support of social activist Anna Hazare. The team has appealed to the people to register on the site and provide their contact details so that they can be contacted through email or phone. The 'Jail Bharo' agitation will seek volunteers to go to the jail in support of the Jan Lokpal Bill. The website welcomes the users with following message -

Welcome to Anna's "Jail Bharo" campaign to fight for passage of the Jan Lokpal Bill!
To express your willingness to go to jail for the Jan Lokpal bill, please fill the form...

Those in support of a strong jan lokpal bill may register themselves by entering their region, city and mobile number and even leave a short comment. From our own observation, it seems that the registration count is growing up minute by minute and at the time of composing this message; over 69k volunteers have already registered.

Interested volunteers can register via SMS as well. The procedure is as follows:-

Send "Jail " to 575758.
e.g. Send "Jail Delhi" if you are a resident of Delhi.

In my opinion, the whole campaign is much more interesting because Indian youth is experiencing such campaign for the first time in their lifetime. What surprises me is that people are actually giving up on their new year celebrations to support the jan lokpal bill which aims to put a check on the corrupt people and reduce corruption by a heavy margin. India suffers a lot because of the corruption at the lowest levels of the society. The supporters of Jan Lokpal Bill have refused the bill presented by Indian Government saying that it's weak and would not be effective in keeping corruption under check. The bill presented by the Government is often called 'Jokepal'. The concept of 'Lokpal' aka 'Ombudsman' isn't new and has been successfully implemented in several small countries and has been proven effective in reducing the levels of corruption; making the lives of people easier.

If any of our CEans is joining the campaign, we're interested in knowing about you. Tell us why are you supporting it and what makes you want to celebrate new year in jail?


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    I've been noticing that several 'clone' websites have come up all of sudden which are accepting user mobile number and contact details. The legitimate site address is: #-Link-Snipped-#

    Volunteers beware ! Providing your contact information at clone websites could result into unwanted telemarketing calls.

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