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cooltwins • Jun 17, 2012

Jail Break Helps You Bridge Gap Between iOS 5 And iOS 6

iOS 6 is being called the incremental update to its predecessor - iOS 5. That’s because it offers “improved functionality without wholesale changes compared previous iterations”. Most of the features are already available and only their visibility and efficiency have been changed in the latest version. Now, as expected, already loads of Cydia tweaks and third-party jailbreak tweaks that offer iOS 6 functionality for iOS 5 devices, are available. Here are some ways for you to bridge the gap between iOS 5 and iOS 6 and make the most of your iOS 5.


New Siri Features:

Siri is said to have some new features like the ability to take sports-related queries and local searching in newer countries. But these features are already available due to certain tweaks from Cydia. SiriSports tweak, free from Cydia under ModMyi, lets you get match timings, statistics and scores of NBA, MLB and NHL from Siri. Using Sireet, free from Cydia under ModMyi, tweeting can also be made easy. Just say Tweet <your actual tweet> and Siri will take care of the rest. International Locations for Siri can help you get local search in unsupported countries.These are just few examples. You can find out lots more out there.

3D Maps and Turn-by-turn navigation:

One of iOS’ biggest shortcomings, especially when compared to Android, was its lack of turn-by-turn navigation feature. It has now been incorporated in iOS 6 but third-party apps like TomTom’s official app or Waze have been there and filled the gaps till now. Apple is introducing its own 3D map posing a severe threat to Google maps. With the combination of new data source, live traffic and turn-by-turn navigation, alongside the 3D Maps feature it looks attractive. An iTunes app called Waze, based on a similar concept, is also impressive with real-time traffic reports and updates fed by other users. It also keeps track of police cars and similar points of interest so that you can travel comfortably.


FaceTime over Cellular:

Apple has FaceTime functionality for making calls over 3G networks. A variation of this app is the FaceBreak app. It has been in Cydia for quite some time and can used to make video calls but with reduction in picture clarity.

Do Not Disturb:

iOS 6 has a feature called Do Not Disturb. It is used to disable unwanted push notifications. There is a free Cydia tweak by the name BannerDisable, with the same functionality. But the latter lacks fine customization controls like Apple's Do Not Disturb.

Safari Upload Enabler:

A duller and less elegant version of the iOS 6's integrated photo uploader app is the Safari upload enabler. When you ignore the appearance, it looks like a good replacement because it does get the job done. You can select the photo or video using a file browser similar to the one present in desktop PCs.

FaceBook Integration:

It was also announced that iOS 6 will have integrated facebook but the Jailbreak Community already had an app called Fusion for the same application. Apart from FB integration it also enables photo sharing across MySpace and Foursquare social networking platforms, and similar functionalities like Twitter. Using Siri integrated with fusion, you can also post status updates on these networks.

Reply with messages:

You can reply to calls or text messages using a pre-written or stored response. This is something similar to out-of-office services for email programmes. Reply with Message is Apple's solution to such situations. Cydia has a free solution too - biteSMS tool.

Pull To Refresh in Mail app:

Tweetie’s Pull to Refresh feature has become famous and has been incorporated in hundreds of other apps such as Facebook, Tweetbot, Sparrow etc. And at last Apple has taken notice of it and included it in their Mail app. The Jailbreak community has a free substitute to it called Pull to Refresh Mail.


Full-Screen mode in safari:

FullScreen For Safari is one of Cydia’s famous tweaks and it has been in the market for quite some time. It helps you make a batter use of the 3.5” Retina display and view web pages without the intrusive bar at the bottom. This is one tweak that is better than its counterpart in iOS 6 because it lets you view the full screen in both landscape and portrait orientations while the iOS 6’s version allows landscape view only.

Siri for iPad:

Since the launch of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5, launch of Siri in iPad is something that has been highly anticipated and expected. And now Siri has made its way to iPad with iOS 6 but the problem is that it will work with 3rd generation iPad only. Jail Break has a solution to this problem – Spire. This tweak can bring Siri to iPad and the problem with this is it doesn’t support iOS 5.1.x and will work on devices running iOS 5.0.1 or earlier only and that simply implies that it won’t support the new 3rd-gen iPad even if it is Jail Broken. It can support iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch and the first and second generation iPads.

So, in the end one thing is clear, if you know what exactly to do, you can continue using iOS 5 run devices and still not miss out any of the features or the fun.

Via: IBTimes

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