Jack Palmer Vs. Infosys - Visa Fraud & Your Comments

Jack Palmer is suing Infosys in the US saying that the company has been involved in large scale visa fraud. Mr. Palmer is not ready to settle the case out of the court - says his lawyer. He further goes on to say that he'll ensure that Infosys shuts their US operations. It's important to note that the second largest outsourced IT company in India generated about 60% of their revenue from North American markets. Palmer, who has been working with the company since 2008, further said that Infosys managers in the US were intentionally committing fraud to avoid paying taxes locally and that the company mistreated him when he filed a complaint as part of the whistleblower policy. Infosys employee Jack Palmer to take company to court on accusation of circumventing H-1B visa rules - The Economic Times.

Infosys, for the first time has replied publicly on the issue. Earlier the company opted to remain silent. Infosys said that they did not send employees on B1 visas when they were required to go on H-1B visas. Infosys isn't the only company that has been accused of misusing the visa rules. Cognizant along with other major IT companies in India have been accused of visa fraud.

Not matter what the outcome of this case is - it's being said that the Indian IT will have to suffer from the consequences. I wish to ask our readers, what do they think about Jack Palmer's claims and how will this affect Indian IT?


  • durga ch
    durga ch
    Visa issues are taken seriously. I knew this lady from an Indian IT firm who resigned and was being denied from being paid here reimbursments, she filed a case with immigration and the It frim immediately settled all dues with her amounting to some thousands of AUD. There have been many instances when the firm abuses the provision and has to agains ettle matters with immigration which might take weeks or months.

    Saying that incase Infosys is taking up high critical projects and they are to be sent back, it might not be so easy.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Looking for more views from CEans.

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