• Jabra, the company that is a global producer of innovative headset and speakerphone solutions, has launched a new portable speaker in India called the Jabra Solemate Mini at a price of Rs. 5,000. With the ability to pair with bluetooth and NFC enabled gadgets, these portable speakers feature Digital Signal Processing or DSP that suppresses echoes and digital optimization of music and voice. At 295 grams, the speakers are super light-weight and comes in four colors - black, yellow, blue and red. The Jabra Solemate Mini comes equipped with microphones which are omni directional and employ noise filters to cut down the background noise when users have to answer calls.


    Jabra speakers are coated with rubber for protection and for scratch-resistance. Also, this layer helps resisting spills, splashes, dust or even sweat. On the speakers, you will find a USB port that acts as a charging port and bring in music streaming time or talk time of close to 8 hours at a stretch. According to Jabra, Solemate Mini comes with front-facing speakers "to ensure optimal performance with super bass response, and the choice of both wired and wireless mode."

    It does not support AVRCP (means you can’t control music directly from the device. "The Jabra Solemate Mini really is the epitome of power packed portability and the perfect scene setter for making your adventures extra special…and because we’re focused on building a portfolio of speakers, it doesn’t stop here. So stay tuned for more exciting news," says the company in a release. The audio box is available at an affordable price of Rs. 4,999. Would you be gifting the Jabra Solemate Mini speakers to someone this festive season in India?
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  • Ankita Katdare

    AdministratorOct 31, 2013

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