Michael Pigford
Michael Pigford
Electronics and Telecommunication
29 Mar 2019

I've never used this before any suggestions?

I have no idea about this site any help would be much appreciated. 

30 Mar 2019

Welcome to CrazyEngineers, @Michael Pigford . CrazyEngineers is a global network of engineers and it has multiple "Apps", which you can access via https://www.crazyengineers.com/dashboard/. We keep developing and launching new apps every few days. 

Plus, there's a social networking component included (and being developed). You may connect with other fellow engineers and benefit from discussions, information, tutorials etc. 

30 Mar 2019

Though nominally an engineering forum, CE is a no holds barred place. No subject is taboo. Philosophy, cosmology, quantum physics, chemistry, biology and even sociology have figured in discussions. Test the waters by browsing through various randomly selected discussions. Probe with some discussions that you initiate. Post replies to ongoing discussions.

Then make your own assessment.

Welcome Mr.Michael Pigford, you will like this mad carousel of CE.

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