IT Jobs For Mechanical Engineers

One of my friends asked me today about what kind of jobs are done by mechanical engineers in IT industry. 😐 I said, why do you want to go for IT job when you studied all the mechanical subjects for 4 years. She said because very few core companies visit the campus for placements, so she will have to opt for an IT company only.

I was speechless. What do you think CEans?


    To stay simple: Computer engineers require brains but no brawn unless they are developing softwares which are high on marketing.

    Core industries require a constant nagging behind workers unless you are not interested in research.

    We require both. You cannot get your laptop if you are not in production field. However your laptop will show a blank screen until you have a operating system installed in it.

    My experience in core industry whatever little it might be is as follows-

    For 2-3 years I visit industries in MIDC area just for fun (many time project purposes) . There I met an *employee* who was working in a small scale industry which is also an ancillary unit of Mahindra and Mahindra. He is brilliant, with his brains he has transformed that ancillary unit to a considerably big unit. However he is stagnating there.

    Why doesn't he go for another good opportunity?
    The friend which AKD mentions might not have selected mechanical as a choice but because she was forced to.

    Indian Youth are nowadays more attracted towards money. There have been many cases that software professionals get HUGE success within a shorter duration of time but provided you should be in business and you are *not an employee*

    Getting placement is good just to ensure that our future is secured at least for a while until we decide what we want to do after graduation.

    For some people,the answer may also be *Family reasons!* 😉
  • Chandramouli Ghosh
    Chandramouli Ghosh
    being a mechie myself.. i had the same problem!!! tried real hard for a core job.. dropped CVs in several companies.. tried some PSU or govt jobs exam.. the thing is the core market is now really down..and hardly any company is interested in offering freshers a job.. whatever the salary may be..and thus we have to opt for some IT job!!

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