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@Ankita Katdare • 16 Jun, 2010
By eradicate I mean, make a corruption-free country.

Corruption has become such a common word in India that sometimes I feel, after a couple of decades, Kindergarten students will be taught, "C for Corruption!"

What's your take on this?
@vishnu priya • 16 Jun, 2010 I dont think its really impossible for eradicating it.It can be eradicated with the necessary measures!
@somya • 16 Jun, 2010 its would be really a tough job to eradicate corruption............
@Ashraf HZ • 16 Jun, 2010 I agree, its tough to eradicate corruption completely. Its human nature to be tempted to take the easy route to complete tasks.. and at times, what seems corrupt to some people might mean life/death situation for others.

Rather than trying to completely eradicate it, perhaps try to regulate it to acceptable means via a non aligned agency (with at least some legislative powers). Now at it takes is how to define "acceptable".. rooting out bribes? Transparency in government processes?
@Manish Goyal • 16 Jun, 2010 My suggestion is to shoot at least seven corrupted person in the middle of road .I am sure others will definitely take a lesson 😉
@Kaustubh Katdare • 17 Jun, 2010 I've began believing that technology can be of great help in controlling corruption. But eradicating it, is possible only in an ideal world. There should be heavy punishments for the crooks and the law should be applicable to the lawmakers as well.
@silverscorpion • 20 Jun, 2010 I second Biggie. A survey should be conducted as to what constitutes the most percentage in corruption. And then, that particular thing might be automated.

For example, if there's an excessive amount of corruption found in some sector, then introduce more and more technology into it and automate it as much as possible.

Make the computer do most of the work and minimize human intervention as much as possible. By doing so, we eliminate most of the chances of a corruption to occur.

That would be the best way ahead, I think..
@Neema Ambhurkar • 01 Aug, 2010 Making a corruption free nation is not possible. Today, there's hardly any sector left where corruption haven't got its hold. Strict laws should be introduced and they should be followed and carried out accordingly. Only then can the corruption in our country be lessened.
@Neema Ambhurkar • 01 Aug, 2010 It is impossible to eradicate corruption in the country: True
@Pensu • 01 Aug, 2010 It may be eradicated.....but by looking at today's conditions its almost impossible....
@greatman • 05 Sep, 2010 Corruption is a Standard process now in India. But I feel India can develop quicker and even the Corrupt people can earn more if corruption is removed. But its very difficult now.
@4M4N • 22 Dec, 2010 Nothing is impossible, it just needed the will for doing it

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