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Is there any fictional character whom you like to follow?

I am not sure whether this topic is very off from what should be discussed here, but I found this might give students giving semester exams a break from heavy studies. Personally speaking I am also very eager to know if there is any such fictional character who inspired you to be what you are today. Talking about me, I am fond of a particular anime series since I was a kid and that is NARUTO. Among it's characters, I like Itachi Uchiha for his tough decisions and self sacrificial actions. He created a hallucination which he depicted as reality and fed this lies to his little brother so that he becomes strong one day. He portrayed himself as a rogue ninja till the very end who finished off his Uchiha clan, but all his actions and will made me salute him. I would recommend this anime series to everyone of all age groups. Also I would like to know if there's something you like or get inspiration from.
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Jan 4, 2016
I've never watched Naruto, but I'ved always wondered why it is so popular. Good to see it teaches life lessons I guess 😁

At some point I was inspired by MacGyver, just because it was good to see we can fight the bad guys with engineering 😎

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