@tanvisharma • 12 Mar, 2013
hi friends i just came to know about roundone.in , which is a site for job opportunities through paid referral.
does anyone know bout this?
can i give a try?
is this a genuine one??
please help me.....
@Kaustubh Katdare • 12 Mar, 2013 I quickly scanned their website and also searched on the Internet. The company seems to be legit but I'm not sure if they're effective. The fee they're charging looks reasonable so if someone wants to give them a try, they may; even if the things don't work the financial loss isn't much.

I'd look for more reviews online. Also if anyone from CE community has used RoundOne, please post your review.
@tanvisharma • 12 Mar, 2013 yes even i thought the same...
but just wanted to know if any of the CEans have used it, so they could tell me..
@SahilRoundOne • 05 Jun, 2013 Hi Tanvi,

I'm Sahil Gupta, Manager at Round One.

Pleae rest assured that Round One is a genuine job portal with over 30,000 users / day. We charge a fee to arrange an interaction with an employee of your choice. Please note however, that this fee is refunded if you do not get referred after your conversation.

We believe there are a many people with the merit, but without the contacts they need to get ahead. Round One is an effort to help the such qualified people earn a referral and increase their chances of getting hired by 10 times (based on secondary research)

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at support@roundone.in or call us on 011-30201032.

Looking forward to having you on board!

Sahil Gupta
Manager, Round One
@Anoop Kumar • 05 Jun, 2013 Price is ok, but I am not seeing any benefit.
Why would any company engage any employee to select resume for pre-screening except HRs.
This same process done from other job portals also.
@tanvisharma • 05 Jun, 2013 Ya I have already registered but there is no much opportunity for freshers...
In hyderabad....
@avii • 06 Jun, 2013
Ya I have already registered but there is no much opportunity for freshers...
In hyderabad....
Better start targeting start ups. In Hyderabad you will get so many opportunities since you being from CSE.
@nbksb9b • 18 Nov, 2013
hi friends i just came to know about roundone.in , which is a site for job opportunities through paid referral.
does anyone know bout this?
can i give a try?
is this a genuine one??
please help me.....
Hi Tanvi,

This is just like any other website which is fake and does not give you any referrals in any companies .And i'm the premium member and have requested for many referrals and no responses received from them. So just dont believe this site.
Moreover, the customer service here is very rude and do not provide any assistance.

Just beware of it.

@chinmayee123 • 21 Nov, 2013 Hi,

Seriously be aware of these sites, coz paying 70 or 7000 is not a matter,what matters is the authencity of thses sites.
Theses sites always have good reviews from there owners only.
Rest is they cheat and we get cheated.

@mayank411 • 13 Dec, 2013 Well I had no doubt about the credibility of the Website, but when I tried it, I found that they are actually useless and as somebody mentioned in the previous post also their customer service is as bad as it can be. I used their service twice but didn't get any positive response. Moreover, when I asked for the refund I didn't get any reply. Here is the mail that I sent to them which is yet to be answered.

Hi Vinay,
Thanks for your response.
After interviewing me, the referrer clearly mentioned that since i dont have much experience so i can't be referred. I don't understand why he wrote that he is referring me for this position. But if you check the conversation which i am sure must be with you, you'll find that he clearly mentioned that i can't be referred.

And this is not it, whatever interview i have given through roundone nobody has refused to refer while giving feedback. But on call i have even heard that there is not even an open position for which the ad has been provided on roundone. Request you to kindly monitor these misuses closely as it hurts the sentiments. Referrer should not exploit the need of those who requested for referral.

So basically what they do is after every call with referrer they will mark you as being referred and charge you the money, doesn't matter whether you are actually getting referred or not.
@dipesh chaudhary • 06 Jan, 2014 not usefull .......please don't waste your money. you will think it cost only rs999(for 6 month ) so lets try (like me) but let me tell you,you will loose your money and hope both.so better to attend offcampus and walkin interview then thinking someone will refer you me in MNC.
@Gaurav Nawal • 17 Jan, 2014 • 1 like Hi

I have been associated with RoundOne since last 1+ year as an interviewee and I believe they're doing great work.
There is nothing wrong with the work they're doing.

I have seen a few replies above people stating that post a conversation they could not refer them in their companies.

Please understand the fact that you cannot be hired for every company where you appear for an interview.

Somewhere you lack the experience and somewhere the technical expertise.

It is providing a platform. I have myself referred some 70-80 candidates and I assure that 30+ of them have been taken to the next level of selection process.

So please study something before reviewing. You can trust the forum since they are anyways refunding your entire amount in case you don't be hired.
@Nitin Bisht • 22 Jan, 2014 • 1 like Dear all,

Do not fall a pray to Round One because they only gaurantee referral and do not gaurantee even a job interview leave about getting a job. Once you make a payment it takes about 1 week to talk to the employee of the company where the openings are there and till then the opening is gone.

Believe in urself and get in touch with the employees and hr of the companies through LinkedIn and other sources and do not trust Round One in any way
@agrharsh • 31 Jan, 2014 People - RoundOne and other such companies do not have any real opportunities. Looking at their advt emails, it seems that they just pick up some company name and claim that it is hiring. If you think, it will not be false because at any given time there would be some position open in companies like TCS/Wipro. But they really dont know what is the requirement etc and if your profile would fit.

Moreover, These are not job portals but they are just social portal that connects you to people who may be interested to refer your CV in their organisations under "employee referral" scheme. So even if we assume that the "connect" is genuinely an employee of companies etc, and that he actually goes ahead and refers, there is no surety that your CV is picked up.

I do lot of hiring and I consider only those internal referral whom my team members know personally. This is a third aspect why such websites will not be useful even if all is well...

Post your profiles on Naukri/Monster and other job portal, build the CV well and prepare well for the interview. That is the key. Good Luck
@Kaustubh Katdare • 31 Jan, 2014 Caution: All the posts here are views of individuals. It's possible that Roundone's competitors may post views against them. At the same time, it's possible that round one supporters may post very positive reviews.

Readers are expected to use their own discretion while making choices.
@rahulbagal • 13 Mar, 2014 • 1 like Hi,

Round one is fraud and useless. me and mine friend had joined round one. we had paid for 4 different company referrals each i. e 500 rupee for each referral. before paying money they say that they will refer but after the payment, we will not get either any confirmation mail from the company nor the referral gave any details such as reference number.

They just say That they have referred.

when we contacted round one support by phone, They told us to send the complaint by mail as we did, but did not got proper respond as well as they tried to blame on us and refused to take action or even investigate the problem. They also refused to refund our money.

They just care for the money and encourage fraud.

there is no proof that the referral have referred you. they just say it by sending un-authorities mails and auto-generated mails which tell that round one is fraud and it is big scam.

@Ankita Katdare • 13 Mar, 2014 I wonder what @SahilRoundOne has to say about ^ that.
With so many fake job websites popping up, it is hard to say if something new is genuine or not. Good support team should be brought up for starters.
@rajoobeast • 07 May, 2014 • 2 likes i was just chatting customer support of Round one and wen i pinged with the complaints link he left 😡
@Raju Sharmaa • 31 Oct, 2014 yes......round one is totally genuine and it is best way to get your desired job.....
@sachin yadav • 31 Oct, 2014 hi,
i am sachin yadav. i wud lyk to suggest all those r searching for their desired job bt not getting . they can go with ROUND ONE... the best job referral company.... u can go for ROUND ONe easily with closed eyes......
@Kaustubh Katdare • 01 Nov, 2014 Looks like we've lot of spammers from RoundOne spamming this thread. This will go seriously against you, people! 😀 Suspicious replies will be deleted anyways!

Update: I've removed all the spammy posts contributed to this discussion.
@sanchari ghosh • 14 May, 2015 How is the premium membership services of round one? Is it fake or genuine ..
@Ankita Katdare • 16 May, 2015 @sanchari ghosh There have been a lot of negative reviews about it, but people are saying good things too. What is your requirement? Are you a fresher looking for job? There are many other ways of looking for jobs.
@sanchari ghosh • 18 May, 2015 I am a fresher @ Ankita Katdare.N i live in kolkata .Ankita mam what are the other ways for looking job?In kolkata offcampus is very less.

@sachin yadav are u a member of paid services of roundone ??N what benefit have u got from roundone?Plz share...I am also thinking to become a paid member of round one...But i need suggestions
@swagatam dash • 06 Aug, 2015 i have tried it . dont go for it . this is a highly talented fraud team. i have lost my money on it . never go for it . after paying money they will find a little mistake from your side like 'this does not meet our criteria' and u will be disqualified .
Swagatam dash
@Ankita0107 • 25 Aug, 2015 I have applied to round one.in 7 days back still it shows my response is pending. I have contacted support de said after 7 days job will refresh . what does it mean??
@Ragunath Chilkuru • 10 Sep, 2015 Hi,
I actually used roundone and I actually got referred in Symantec and Amazon.
Subsequently interviews were conducted as well.
@Bala Krishna Ceeparseti • 26 Oct, 2015 well!!! firstly m hpy to be here ......Im ceeparseti from hyd ....recently completed mah graduation in cse (2015) and currently in hunt for a job in IT. Ive received a mail from some agency named ROUND one...they say that they can provide refferals on pay basis....i would like to know whether its genuine or not..!!tnqqq....😎😎😎
@Shubham khandelwal • 12 Nov, 2015 anyone suggest me.. should i take service of round one. I am pursuing MCA from jaipur national university. and It will be completing in december 2015. Please reply who has knowledge about round one.
@Ankita Katdare • 14 Dec, 2015 @Ankita0107 @Ragunath Chilkuru @ceeparseti @Shubham khandelwal
As discussed above, we are not sure about the company being genuine or not with their dealings with the students or job applicants. The negatives reviews have been flowing on the site from a really long time.

I recently found this from a few students that back in 2013, Round One used to offer a Rs. 50 membership and a subsequent Rs. 500-700 fee, where members could speak to a company employee over the phone to earn a job referral i.e. the employee would forward your resume to the HR personnel.

Some negative reviews on ConsumerComplaints portal revealed that after the first phone call with the employee, when the job seekers try to reach to the employee - they don't respond at all. (This has led to people believing that the first phone call could have been a fake one).

I am not sure how many have benefitted from the scheme. If you have, we would like to hear about your experience. Please post it below.

The company has been very much in operation since early 2011. Recently i.e. in March 2015, Round One raised $1M in a pre series A funding round from famous job portal Shine.com and Arun Duggal, Chairman - Shriram Transport Finance Co.

Eagerly looking forward to read genuine Round One reviews.
@rahulbagal • 14 Dec, 2015 Round one is fake.. Please do not waste money... This is big and open scam that is running with legally... Even the support team are very rude and do not support nor refund the amount... as they have mention in their website..
@Bala Krishna Ceeparseti • 16 Dec, 2015 Heard about round one but not sure whether its genuine or not??and ya they only assure you of referrals but don't guarantee you a job ..according to me we can give a try coz they are not even charging much !!!! So give a try if doesn't work out try for other options...happy coding!!!
@Rahulk54 • 15 Feb, 2016 It is totally fake job site. I got referred but after this I don't get any interview call or any opportunity. They're making us fool. So please don't join this and save money and time also

It is totally fake job site. I got referred but after this I don't get any interview call or any opportunity. I contact to customer service but don't get any satisfactory answer. So please don't join this and save money and time also.
@Suraj_94 • 09 Mar, 2016 FAKE...SUPER FAKE...I tried contacting them many time as I took the Premium Membership...I wasted my money...Really Upset on their service.. VERY VERY BAD and VERY FAKE.. Really BIG Round They are a "BIG O"... I would like to kick their asses if I get them here.

sachin yadav
i am sachin yadav. i wud lyk to suggest all those r searching for their desired job bt not getting . they can go with ROUND ONE... the best job referral company.... u can go for ROUND ONe easily with closed eyes......

Are you with them, Bugger ? Don't give wrong suggestion.. I have used it, and I know you didn't...And might be you are working there..
@arjun Munda • 29 Mar, 2016 Faltu Bakwas Ghatia website Dont Go for it. Trust me Useless Totally Useless Try anywhere else not here waste of ur time. Trust me I used it i know ..

Ghatia faltu bekar ki site hai yaar. dont go for it if your time is valuable for you Try any other site but dont here all companies all are useless faltu ghatia i am a registered member i found it use less dont try it mere dost
@Khetesh Boravat • 31 Mar, 2016 • 1 like One should understand that round one only connect you to the any employee in Company you are looking to apply.

After that you get a chance to speak with that employee & also his email address.

now it is up to you to get referred by that employee.

also, in case you are not referred, they claim to refund you [Can't say how effective this be]
@arjun Munda • 01 Apr, 2016 No brother they are not refunding at all this is a totally fake . They dont have customer support They provided a number if you dial that number one particular girl will pickup that call and trust me that was somebodies personal number as we have first you try calling that number then you go for registration
** Jan hith May Zarri ** Agge aapke icha
@Rahul.t • 07 Aug, 2016 Hi all,

I work at a major IT MNC in India and have been referring candidates through Roundone for many years now. I always appreciate Roundone since candidates that I talk through the portal are most focused and have relevant experience.

I see this discussion about whether Roundone is genuine or not. Rest assured all of you - that Roudone is 100% genuine and is a very innovative and helpful startup. As I said, I have been referring its candidates at my company for many years. For some specific criticisms like employees saying "yes" to referral but actually referrals not being made - several times it happens since when we go to refer the candidate on internal portal, we get that error. At the time of interaction, we do not know this was going to happen, also candidates do not know if their CV was already submitted to the company by some agency or another source before. And hence the confusion.

If you have any other specific queries, I can try to answer it if I have come across that in my experience.

All the best!

@anandd • 23 Sep, 2016 I don't think round one gives you any benefits in terms of job referrals.
I registered with job referral with careerplus for round one in July 2016. Initially I got a good referral responses where the round one discussions happened with employees of few companies. However later on when the employees referred me on their company's career portal none of the company's HR/Recruiter's even reverted back on the referrals. Moreover most of the referrers told me that the Careerplus (and also round one) job postings are incorrect and no such positions exists, and therefore referred me to similar matching positions listed in company's career portals. Perhaps that's the reason for none of the referrals HR reverted!!
I also observed that none of their job posting get updated if the requirement is fulfilled and/or no longer valid. I still see the same old positions that were displayed 2 months ago. There is no date stamp on when the job was posted and no clue whether you apply for age old jobs or fresh!! I dropped a query to them on this on 12th Sept. Till date no response.

Think twice before you apply for these services.


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