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Is presence required in the conference to get the paper published

Question asked by pratap singh, upendra in #Coffee Room on Nov 29, 2016
pratap singh, upendra
pratap singh, upendra · Nov 29, 2016
Rank C2 - EXPERT
Dear All,

Is it really compulsory to be present in the conference to get our papers published?

For instance, recently I had written a paper to an IEEE conference. After about three months, the reviews came and they were positive. My paper was accepted. Then I did all the formalities like registration, IEEE plagiarism policy sign. etc and then I submitted the camera ready format to the conference. Then they returned a PDF version of my paper with Header containing Conference Signature (its name, year, place etc) and the Footer having some ISSN number. Then they gave me a formal invitation to attend the conference. Unfortunately, I could not attend the conference.
Are there any chances of my papers getting rejected from getting published? Posted in: #Coffee Room
Shashank Moghe
Shashank Moghe · Nov 29, 2016
Rank B2 - LEADER
Normally, attendance of at least one of the authors is necessary for the paper to be published in the conference proceedings and for the paper to be archived to the corresponding database. A paper presentation in person is required at the conference. Otherwise the paper may not be cited as a published paper and may not show up in the conference proceedings/online archives.

Again, this is true for most conferences (that I have come across). I am almost sure this will be true for any IEEE conference as well. To be completely doubt free, visit the conference page and read carefully through the "call for papers" section or the corresponding section where papers are invited for the conference. There you will usually find this information.

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