• Kaustubh


    MemberDec 26, 2013

    Is Microsoft Guardian app useful?

    Engineers at Microsoft India office have been relentlessly working on a new app for women safety - and it's called 'Guardian'. The app is exclusively available for Windows 8 mobile users in India. The App was a response from Microsoft to address the issue of women safety in India; especially after the 16th December 2012 incidence in Delhi. Let's take a quick look at the features this app offers and whether this app can really achieve its goal.

    Decoding Microsoft Guardian App features:-
    • Real-time self tracking: The app will find the nearest route to your destination using maps and keep tracking every move of yours on the path. All your trail is stored in the cloud and Microsoft promises that it'll not eat much of your battery juice.
    • Smart SOS messages: The app is capable of sending SOS messages to your buddies and nearby security agencies. Microsoft promises that the SOS will continue even if the phone is destroyed. The app will send email and text messages along with the tracking trail information to your buddies. The app will do this with SMS (no data connection required). SOS photos are also saved in the cloud for evidence.
    • Social Media Integration: The app will broadcast SOS messages to your social networking friend lists and also make postings to FB groups.
    • Locate Buddy: The app will allow you to track buddies and also inform them about the shortest path to your current location.
    • Emergency Calls: No security app would be complete without ability to make emergency calls to the police, hospitals and fire departments.
    • Tracking by security agencies: You may let the security agencies track you.
    Is the app useful?

    The app is available only on the Windows 8 platform as of now. I believe Microsoft should release the app on iOS and Android platforms as well - and make a community around the app to make it really work. Would love to know your views on the usefulness of this app.

    Download this app: #-Link-Snipped-#
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  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran

    MemberDec 26, 2013

    So apps and gadgets are more concentrated on high or higher middle class people who can afford to smartphones but anyway features looks awesome
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