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Is it possible to give insurance to all electronic appliances?

Question asked by Harshal Tamboli in #Coffee Room on Mar 31, 2019
Harshal Tamboli
Harshal Tamboli · Mar 31, 2019
Rank D3 - MASTER

As there are lot of people paying attention towards insurance of life insurance of car insurance of travel and much more...is it possible to give insurance to electronic appliances such as mobile laptop etc. By charging consumer an amount depending on that product value...whole process will be held from app...so is it possible to make profit of it 

Suppose 100 people buy an mobile phone of 10000..we will charge 200(approximately not actual) so 100×200=20000...from that 100 we assume that only 10 claim their insurance...if 10000we spend for them then rest will be ours...it is not possible that 100out of 100 will claim insurance..there is chance of profit

Same scheme is applied to other insurance policies

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