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Is it possible to charge the 60 kWh battery pack in 15 minutes?

GBatteries, a nameless YC startup, boldly claims that it can charge electric cars as quickly as it can fuel the tank of a fuel truck.

The system developed by the company uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to optimize the charging system of electric vehicles. Khomutov said: "Most companies focus on developing new chemicals or materials (such as Enevate and Storedot) to increase battery charging speed. But it's difficult to develop new materials, and it costs billions of dollars to achieve mass production to meet the needs of automobile companies. Our technology combines software algorithm (AI) and electronic technology, using existing lithium-ion batteries that have been validated, tested and produced by battery manufacturers.

Most charging systems rely on very primitive systems to charge batteries. Temperature and other factors can slow down or even stop battery charging. GBatteries has set up a charging model to solve this problem. The model can "slow down" or "accelerate" charging when necessary, so the charging speed will be much faster under suitable conditions.

Although it is not clear when the technology will be applied to commercial vehicles, it may be a breakthrough that will accelerate the replacement of fuel vehicles by more environmentally friendly vehicles.

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