Is India too liberal on NSA spying on Indians?

India among top targets of spying by NSA - The Hindu
The above news which occupied the front piece of Hindu paper was shocking and i am here to start a debate whether India is giving too much of space for USA?
image courtesy:The Hindu
American security agency NSA had been again on the flash news due to the latest information given by the America’s latest most wanted Snowden about the fact that billions of bits were taped and stored by NSA. This most sad part is that India is the only country in BRICS group to be scanned by NSA and India was the fifth country to be spied by NSA if we count by number of information stored. What do you think about this new Snowden file leak and the comic part of it was the statement given by our foreign affair’s minister and Hindu (newspaper) had quoted that When they had contacted American minister regarding this issue, He had replied that it is the activity done by every country over the other countries and he stated that it was a usual one.They had plucked billions of bits of information from internet,mails,phone tapes.

What is your opinion on this issue?


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