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mastermind1302 • Aug 4, 2007

Ir Transmitter And Reciever

hi there, i have an IR reciever designed at an carrier frequency of 38khz...i have used a (TSOP SENSOr -1738).iam doing this for an infrared tracking bot.what iam not able to get is ,do i have to design a source(transmitter) for the bot to track its way and move towards the source..i mean bu using a 555 timer i can generate 38 khz or by just glowing an IRLED will make the bot to move towards the LED.....?????
cameo • Aug 8, 2007
of course,u need a transmitter to be deisgnd.the IR shud be transmitted with certain frequency,depending on the type of receiver you choose.As its 38KHz, an oscillator may be with a 555 should do the job.
Just turning on the LED will do nothing for you.

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