Inviting all latest job openings!


Why not post all the recent openings in different industries? You may even refer CEans for openings in your organization and earn referral bonus! [​IMG]

Where else would you find the best engineers from the Industry?

Couple of points you might want to pay attention to while posting a new opening -

1. Make sure that the title of the thread/topic gives all the necessary information to attract attention.

Ex: JavaScript Professional: > 3 years experience : etc.

2. Avoid spammers collect your address by posting your email id in following format. Example: admin at crazyengineers dot com . This is readable by humans, machines may not catch it 😉

3. Avoid posting phone numbers - for you might start getting offers from all tele-marketers. Unless, of course, you are a loner who needs to talk to someone. 😛


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