Introduction to Metal Cutting Processes.

The metal working process are broadly classified as

  1. Chip less or Non-chip forming processes-->
In these process metals are formed under action of heat, pressure, or both. It include forming, drawing, casting, spinning, etc.

  1. Chip forming, metal cutting or machining process-->
In these processes metal actually cuts & chips are formed. The metal is removed from the work piece with help of wedge shaped tool. The relative motion between tools & work piece is remove the excess material in the form of chips. E.g. Turing, shaping, planning, etc.

  • Classification of metal cutting processes ==>

The relative motion between work piece & tool is given by
1] Keeping the work piece stationary & moving the tool (e.g. shaping)
2] By keeping the tool stationary & moving the work (e.g. planning)
3] By moving the tool in relative to one another (e.g. turning )
Proper mechanism are designed & incorporated in the machine control the feeding movement between the tool & work.


  • ShrinkDWorld
    reserved 😎
  • waltermax
    Nice thread so useful about metal cause i really haven't knowledge a little about,
    Ship formatting,Metal cutting and machine process.but now i know so i just love this Thread..
  • ben11c
    Metal Cutting Must be done through appropriate Laser Process
  • zaveri
    Metal Cutting Must be done through appropriate Laser Process
    that is just another modern manufacturing method.

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