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Introduction to DEFORM

Question asked by Nova in #Coffee Room on May 18, 2009
Nova · May 18, 2009
Hi CEans,

Nice to introduce you the DEFORM software, the advanced tool to simulate materials forming, machining, heat treating process.

This introduction is written mainly based on the presentation on Scientific Forming’s website and DEFORM Help Documentations.

Among the Finite Element Method (FEM) simulation softwares, DEFORM is the most well-known and widely used. It is applied to analyze various forming and heat treatment processes in metal forming and related industries. The simulation process is taken place on a computer, no need to have real specimens or apparatus. This revolutionary tool allows engineers to:

  • Reduce the need for costly shop floor trials and redesign of tooling and processes
  • Expose his most imagination and creation.

  • Improve tool and die design to reduce production and material costs

  • Shorten lead time in bringing a new product to market
The main advantages of DEFORM are:

  • DEFORM is tailored for deformation modeling.
  • User friendly and ready to use graphical user interface provides easy data preparation and analysis.
  • Fully automatic, optimized remeshing system tailored for large deformation problems.
List of DEFORM Packages and Applications:


Capable of modeling plane strain or axisymmetric parts with a simple 2 dimensional model. A full function package containing the latest innovations in Finite Element Modeling, equally well suited for production or research environments.


DEFORM-3D is capable of modeling complex three dimensional material flow patterns. Ideal for parts which cannot be simplified to a two dimensional model.


Capable of modeling-two dimensional axisymmetric or plane strain problems. Suitable for small to mid-sized shops starting in Finite Element Modeling.
A powerful three-dimensional modeling package for modeling cold, warm and hot forging processes.


Available as an ad-on to DEFORM-2D and -3D. DEFORM-HT adds the capability of modeling heat treatment processes, including normalizing, annealing, quenching, tempering, aging, and carburizing. DEFORM-HT can predict hardness, residual stresses, quench deformation, and other mechanical and material characteristics important to those that heat treat.

DEFORM™ is a registered trademark of Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation. Posted in: #Coffee Room
shahir · Feb 13, 2011
Hi Nova, Did U know where to get DEFORM tutorial? or what is the meaning of X loads in DEFORM 2D machining... i had design a machining models, i have change from 4000 rpm to 40000 rpm, using WC cutting tool and AISI1045 machining... i wish to get the cutting force data... i check for load stroke graph... and put time at X axis, and X Load for Y axis... Do this results show cutting force?
14OL41 · Apr 18, 2012
Hi everyone, i am from Tunisia and i'm a material engineering student, i'm trying to learn how to use DEFORM HT but i can't find any tutorials or documentation, if anyone has any information about this subject please help. and thanks.
14OL41 · May 23, 2012
Hi, does anyone know where to get more materials for the DEFORM library, i'm specificly looking for the AISI6150 family, i tried JMATpro but i can only get a demo and it doesn't have much precalculated materials.

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