Introducing - Mrinmoy Kumar Swarnakar

Hello Everyone..

I am Mrinmoy Kumar Swarnakar. I am currently pursuing my Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from "Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management(RCOEM), Nagpur". I am a member of NSS team in my college and recently hosted an event named "BrainTeaser" from NSS in our college.

After joining RCOEM I learned a lot of things. I'm very happy to join CrazyEngineers and hope to have the same experience here...


  • Mrinmoy Swarnakar
    Mrinmoy Swarnakar
    Name: Mrinmoy Kumar Swarnakar

    Engineering Trade: Computer Science and Engineering


    Occupation: Student

    Work Experience
    : Not yet

    Hobbies & Interests
    : Playing cricket and basketball, walking

    Aim in life
    : To do something that everyone will remember me.....that something is not decided yet.....but its path starts fron CrazyEngineers

    I joined CrazyEngineers because: To learn new things and let everyone know about Mrinmoy

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