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20 Aug 2007

Introducing ME - mikezias - W3JRR

Well altogether I worked in the electronics industry for 22 years, various
engineering positions, though my degree was in education (physics). I passed the PE exam, NY - EE, in 1995, however. Taught electrical technology for 5 years in a community college in-between industry jobs.
So what do you do when the company goes to hell in a handbasket? Well
I am now teaching in a high school - physics, chemistry, and robotics.

Acquiring a modest array of test equipment, a newer ham radio transceiver,
and learning to fly (going for private pilot). I also fly rc model airplanes.

I NEED some magazines. Does anyone have some Electronics Design,
EDN, or EE Times going back the past 5 years they would like let go of?
Certainly I will pay shipping and some (small) fee.

Best Regards,
Mike Zias
Ashraf HZ

Ashraf HZ

11 years ago
I welcome thee to the crazy world of CE 😉 Its great to have experienced CEans joining. Your vast experience in the field is valuable and we'd greatly appreciate if you can share it with the rest of us in the forums.

Hm, about the mags.. I only have a few old issues of PC Gamer. Does that count? It's sort of electronics.. in a way 😛
11 years ago
Welcome to CE, Mike! 😀

We all are happy to have you on CE. CE world is growing & we no doubt have the best engineers from around the world! We all hope that others will benefit from your knowledge.

RC Planes - 😁 , (to ash😀 I bought one in Malaysia but could never make it leave the ground!

Regarding the magazine, please check out Electronics For You https://www.electronicsforu.com/electronicsforu/default.asp

-The Big K-

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