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@Guneet Khanuja • 11 Jun, 2014 • 4 likes, the brand that sells creative merchandise, is co-founded by the duo from IIT Bombay (2011 Batch) Alumni - Siddharth Munot and Prabhkiran Singh. Self-motivated and passionate by nature, both the entrepreneurs have prior start-up experience with their respective ventures which they set up during their college years.

Prabhkiran Singh has also founded a chain of two freshly-prepared-flavoured lassi selling outlets by the name of Khadke gLASSI and and another venture called Munot Networks LLP.
On the other hand, Siddharth Munot has two years of teaching experience with IITian’s Pace Academy and he has also headed a social cause titled ‘Speak Up India’.

In an exclusive interview with CrazyEngineers, Siddharth speaks about, the advantage of having entrepreneurial experience during college days, various lessons the team learnt at and a lot more. Read on!

Siddharth Munot
Siddharth Munot​

1. Why did you name your startup as “”?

Siddharth: Bewakoof is all about perception derived by the society by and large about those people who think out of box or believe in innovation. Our portal stands for all those who wants to be innovative and out of box in their way of life, irrespective of what the society thinks. This passion led to the creation of this company and now this company is creating things that it loves.

2.You had prior start-up experience with your respective ventures which you set up while you were in IIT campus. How did this help

Siddharth: We had a few attempts at micro entrepreneurship in our IIT days but a formal beginning was made in the final year of IIT civil engineering. Our business moduleprior to developing as a brand was to procure bulk T-shirt and customize it by printing design, logo and message for young college going crowd andcorporates. A year after commencing business, we formally launched the apparel brand under the name This initial bulk t-shirt business gave us an idea of the sourcing, designing and marketing bit of our products which in turn gave us a basic knowledge of the apparelbusiness. Moreover, thanks to our hold on social media, we exactly knew what the youth at heart genre, wants.

3. Could you share the lessons you've learnt as an entrepreneur while starting, building & growing these organizations?

Siddharth: Starting up an organization required lot of ground work. Apart from holding patience with regulatory and civic bodies in dealing with the day-to-day work, the deployment of human resources and extracting the necessary work from them was a challenging experience. Fortunately, everybody working with took it up as there own brainchild and gave in their 200%. This helped us in growing our business and have a 400% growth in sales every year since its inception.

Prabhkiran Singh
Prabhkiran Singh​

4. For any wannabe entrepreneur, the biggest fear is the fear of failure. What should one do to overcome it?


To be frank, all the hindrances’ and apprehensions were just there in our minds. And thanks to our zest and passion for the business, we were able to overcome the inhibitions and achieve this growth.
5. The official page of on Facebook has a following of 1 Million Fans. How does it feel?

Siddharth: Frankly these one million fans is the effort of the hard work of my entire social media team. It takes a great effort to keep people entertained on such social networking sites where a new fan page is opening every other minute. Thus the feeling is amazing to have 1.3 million fans on Facebook in the third year since inception. We have reached a place where our target now has only been to grow exponentially and reach as many people as possible.

6. There are so many e-commerce websites. Who do you see as your biggest

Siddharth: Considering the product portfolio we are into, we don’t really have any competitors.

7. is famous for its one-liners and illustrations. Whose brainchild are these ideas?

Siddharth: We have a team of young people that derive and develop these one-liners and we hold copyright over it. Its our brainchild.

8. Thank you for your time. Any message for our readers?


Think out of box and do not be afraid to be innovative.
@Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran • 11 Jun, 2014 • 1 like great read. Good interview @Guneet Kaur Khanuja
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 11 Jun, 2014 passion one word even fear is fearful off.

Great reply sir

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