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Lovesharma • Jan 19, 2012

Interview Questions help

a) If interviewer ask why don't you try for govt job as my father is doing then what should i say? Govt jobs have many advantages over IT jobs.

b) Describe your bad day? Any suggestions....

c) I have 64% in 10 and 75% in BE. If they ask reason for my 10 % then can i say due to family problem or this answer throw some bad impact??
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 19, 2012
It always helps to have a clear idea about why you're applying to the job before you actually appear for the Interview. You should have solid reasons. Now the answer to question (a) above can't be generic. Tell us what'd your answer be and we'll know what reaction the Interviewer will have.

(b) Bad day isn't very generic and you've to describe your bad day. It's simple.

(c) Why not be honest and tell them what's happened? Honesty is always rewarded. Liars are easy to catch.

Speak the truth. If the interviewers catch your lie, you're chances are 'zero'. And trust me, its easy to catch liars.
Lovesharma • Jan 19, 2012
thank you

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