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KS5 • Jul 12, 2011

Internship, Training or Certification?

Hello guys!

I am a second year(3rd sem) CSE guy at National Institute of Technology. I am strucked with a great dilemma, "whether to utilise my vacations for getting training in specific fields like Java and windows application development from an institute like NIIT and hence get done with the certifications like OCP JP(Oracle certification exam for Java) and MSPD(Microsoft certification for windows app development) OR to utilise for doing Internships?????"

I am very much desirous to go for these two certifications especially for MSPD but I am aware of the importance of internships too. After completing my 3rd sem I would be having only two weeks as my winter vacations, hopefully not enough for any internship. Then a huge summer holiday after 4th sem, which suits well for either internship or training courses in specific fields as mentioned from NIIT. Please help me in planning my way.

It would be greatly appreciable if you people would also comment on MSPD, i.e, a certification from Microsoft in windows app development using Visual Studio 10 in(.NET framework). I want to know its importance for a future software developer/engineer.

Thanks in advance 😀.
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Jul 12, 2011
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You can do the certification for the sake of learning things. As per me, now a days each and every certification is either valid up to 3 years or will loose is importance. So by the time you will be done with you engineering certification value will be gone. The value that will remain alive will be knowledge. So for knowledge sake you can do that.

About internship and training; My thinking and experience says that after 1 sem of specialization in your branch you are not so knowledgeable that intern ship or training will add any value to your knowledge base. So its your call,

I will suggest you to learn something in this vacation and enjoy. or probably if you have plans for further education start preparing for CAT / GRE !!!


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