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Komal Battula
Komal Battula • Jul 29, 2015

Internship Experience at BARC

It was my last exam. i don't know how but my classmate had asked me for an intership in BARC. I was suprised the organization I was thinking for an year to apply for an intership was infront of mine. As saying is there "Everything you can imagine is real." So after the proposal ohf her i agreed to join. So it was a group internship. As it was BARC so there were so much formality to be done. It was really a hectic. the internship was of 1 month. due to formality it was postponded to three days after.
At last the first day in campus of BARC. It was a mixed feeling little excited and little nervous. There was an inbuilt bus facility to move from one place to other. For me it was like a small town. As we reached our building i.e. MOD Lab. we enter in our room. The room was all about instruments. It was an L&PTD (Laser and Plasma Technology Department). As it was first day our guide start taking viva as how much we know. After viva he had given us one book on PSD(Position Sensing Detector) and told us to make notes on that. We were like that he had told us to get out in an another way. We politely said ok and we went to the library and made notes and also little time pass. Another day was to same this continued upto 5 days we were thinking when we were going to do something practical. At last on 6th day we started with practical that was op-amp as an amplifier. We thought is it a joke the same thing we are doing as we did in college. But we politely did it. Then we were told to built Summing, Difference ampilfier using op-amp. Afterwards we were given to read about multiplier and division IC. and then we had analysis the IC on breadboard.
Now atlast the day had came our guide introduced us about the project we were going to submit. It was PSD (Position Sensing Detector).
In this we were going to built a ckt for PSD using summing amplifier, difference amplifier and muliplication and division IC. Now we conclude why he had told us to implement that ckt. So don't be very enthusiasts n be little calm. At last our project has been executed. On last day we have to submit the report and small seminar about the project. As it was good but not best so our guide had told us about the mistakes which we should keep in mind.
In short it gives a nice experience about work. You must do an internship.

- By Komal Shankar Battula
College: Usha Mittal Institute Of technology
Internship @ BARC
Duration: 1 month

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