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Internship at Kerala Cement Factory

Question asked by S.NITHYA in #Internships on Jul 29, 2015
S.NITHYA · Jul 29, 2015
Iam Nithya from psrr rengasamy college of engineering for women. we gone for internship to kerala cement factory which was fully automative and excellent outcomes of cement. we spend a beautiful 3 days there it was fully knowledgeable and we have lot fun. wherever friends joins there would be joy same happened for us toooo... It was not like regular class room subjects it was like real practical classes. we under gone and see lots of machineries all are controlled by a single operator room there we realized he development of technologies. There is expert who taught us a complete preparation of cements like from where the raw material are coming and how the additional fluids components are mixing like that. There we saw a turbine which rotates about 120 revolution per seconds its just tremendous and we saw a funnel in which the liquid content of cement were burned at about 100 degree temperature it looks like a red volcano we used cooled glass it was too fun... From there we gone to packing section its really enjoyable cement comes from one of the extreme end and it is pored in very big bucket in that it produce a sound like ting ting...its tooo funny. After the packing we visited chemical lab there the original content of cement, liquid mixture and solid mixture are tested. All the three days we were in company it was alloted as manufacturing, production and distribution all were helpful to us to groom our company knowledge...Importantly for me my internship training is very special because after internship we came to college our district collector arrived and asked us to write a internship letter we wrote and posted him i got the reply from him like " funny learning always to learn more and more keep learning in that way" . I was soooo happy that moment...

Duration: 3 DAYS Posted in: #Internships

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