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Internship At IIT-B

Question asked by shanmugapriya chandran in #Internships on Jul 30, 2015
shanmugapriya chandran
shanmugapriya chandran ยท Jul 30, 2015
Hello friends i am glad to tell u about my stay at iitb. I was very much excited to go to a new state without knowing their language.It was really challenging to complete my internship there.At first i struggled a lot because everything was new to me.At first i was very much lathargic so i completed my assignments late.after 2 days i had a meeting with my project head..RAHUL DESHMUKH.I went there with my c,c++ knowledge.To my surprise there was no projects for c & c++. He started scolding me for knowing only these 2 langs.He told me three things to follow 1).T-Factor 2).Planning 3).talk less work more,let your work speak.Then i had 2 days complete assignments in java..For every 6 hours i shd complete my assignment and mail my guide..he ll give the next one... those 2 days was hectic..😔😔.I Then i started to work day & night.Atlast they were satisfied with my work and gave me project.."cross domain communication using xmpp protocol". i gained confidence when my first code worked..😀. i was very happy.Atlast,i successfully completed my project and got the certificates from prof.D.B.Phatak..That moment was really awesome.I gained a lot in this internship,to state few- self-confidence,responsibility,how to learn the concepts quickly,how to handle people,handling situations when left alone,presentations etc..Now i am confident even more and i can proudly say i am "an engineer"..i deserve it!
Thankyou guys for reading my story...😀

- By shanmugapriya chandran
Duration: may-july 2015 (2 months) Posted in: #Internships
nikki2016 ยท Apr 21, 2016
Hey, thanks a lot for this article. I have been selected for Summer internship this year. Can you tell me something about the screening test that was conducted during your internship? What topics did it cover and what all things do they ask?

I am talking about the test that was conducted after the commencement of the internship.

Would be very grateful if you replied.

Thank you.

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