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Internship at (HOCL) Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd

Question asked by Ravindra Yadav in #Internships on Jul 30, 2015
Ravindra Yadav
Ravindra Yadav · Jul 30, 2015
Internship is one of the biggest need to an engineer to correlate their technical knowledge with industry working. To have an internship during our academic is one of the greatest acheivement as well as it gives weightage to our resume. For a mechanical engineer, it is an opportunity to see the actual working of all machines and equipment which we learn during our academic. Because of these reasons I also want to do an internship.

While searching for an internship during my third year through various websites, my college had arranged internship for five students in Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited(HOCL),Rasayani. Selection was purely based on the marks obtained in the last semester. I got also selected for this internship. As college had arranged this internship, we had to provide only principal’s recommendation letter to HOCL’s training department.

On the first day of internship , we were introduced to various officials of HOCL like Mr. S.D.Patil(GM), Mr. Sachin Patil(Mech Engg.) Mr. Pawaskar (Senior Engg),etc. On the second day, they give us safety training & taught us how to protect ourself as well as environment in industry. On third day, we were introduced to various types of pipes like E.R.W.(Electric Resistance Welded) pipe, seamless pipe, flanges, pipe material and design sheets of power plant. On next day ,first they taught us about boilers, various terminologies used in boiler, economisers and after this we also visited the actual power plant having various types of boiler and economisers like fire tube boiler and water tube boiler. By this we also became able to know that how to operate and prevent the boiler.

On further days we were exposed to basic concept of compressors, refrigeretion system, pumps and cooling tower. In actual plant visit we became able to know the working of compressor, different types of compressor, how air is induced in the compressor,etc. In cooling tower plant visit, we were exposed to two types of cooling tower, one is made up of wood and other is made up of concrete. Both are very high consisting of four to five floors, each floor having different functions. There is big exaust fan on top of the cooling tower for the circulation of water droplets. We were gone through refrigeretion power plant studying various concepts of refrigeretion system. We also see that on top of every plant there is alluminium foil, thick sheet of alluminium metal. This foil is very sensitive. Whenever , the tempereture of plant increases beyonds it’s limit, the alluminium foil get’s broken and hazardous gaeses were exposed to atmosphere. On the side of every chemical plant, a deep circular well, approxmately four to six feet, is created below the level of plant, so that if exposure of chemical takes place it should be flown into this well and it prevents the human being who is near to the plant.

We had also learned about various types mechanical seals, bearinng, blowers and there uses in the actual plant. Presently mechanical seals are playing very important role in chemical and other industries to prevent leakage of chemicals. We went through plant of of aniline, hydrogen , nitrobenzene, formaldehyde. Flow pipes of these plants are coloured with different colours representing different material flowing inside the pipes. At last, we visited bio-degradation plant. In this plant, all the poisonous elements which are present in the chemical waste were removed before dumping or throwing into sea water.

This internship became very benificial for me and my colleague as we were exposed to all mechanical instruments used in industry and it will help to us when we join an industry in future.

I will suggest to all my readers to do atleast one internship in your acdemic life. I assure you that, you will be benifited from it.

- By Ravindra Yadav
College: Thakur College of Engineering and Technology
Internship @ Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd.(HOCL)
Duration: 12 days Posted in: #Internships
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare · Aug 5, 2015
Rank A1 - PRO
Really well put @RAVINDRA17 Thank you for sharing your experience with us all.

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