interfacing a temperature sensor

Hey guys
Need some help here....,i have this circuit that senses the temperature of an environment then converts the change into 8 bit digital form,how to i incorperate the interface circuit????


  • sauravgoswami
    why dont ya use an ADC,you can use RTD or PT 100 depending on your temp.range
  • reachrkata
    From what I understand from vza, he already has a circuit that gives a 8-bit code corresponding to the temperature. So there is no need of the ADC.

    To incorporate the interface, you first need to know if the 8-bit data is in serial form or parallel form. If parallel, you just need to connect the 8 data outputs of the circuit to any Microprocessor port and use the data.
    If serial, then connect it to a SPI or UART port (as the case may be).


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