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greatcoder • Feb 28, 2012

Interest vs Brand

Hello Experts,

I am in great dilemma situation. I am working in Ericsson for last 1.7 years(a huge Telecom giant) but i am very much interested in Computer Programming and stuff.
Now i have got some options:

1) Have an offer letter from Aricent (company working in Telecom Softwares) ,
but they are hiring for C profile. Plz help me as I am not sure about future of C. I have always heard Java as the buzzword

I am unable to decide whether to accept the job or not as leaving Ericsson brand is difficult too.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 28, 2012
Welcome to CE, greatcoder 😀

From the information you've posted, it seems that it'd be good decision to accept the offer from Aricent. Why? Because the company will give you an opportunity to make a switch to career in programming. Second, C is a great programming language to start your career and you'll get to work on writing advanced C codes.

Brand does not matter except when you're talking to your relatives or friends about your job. "I work for Ericsson" is bound to bring more respect in their eyes for you than "I work for Aricent" (or any other company name they haven't heard).

Analyse the situation from a short & long term gains. As a rule of thumb, always take up a job in the domain that interests you. I'm quite sure it'll bring more returns in the longer run.
greatcoder • Mar 1, 2012
Thank u very much for ur response..

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