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Intel's First Commercial Drone 'Falcon 8+' Designed For Industrial Use Goes At 35 Miles Per Hour

Intel’s self-styled drone, Falcon 8+ is first of its kind commercial drone designed for commercial uses as- inspection, surveying, and mapping. It can effectively achieve speeds up to 35 miles per hour (56.3 kilometres per hour) with a take-off weight of 2.8 kg. With this speed it will easily be able to outrun most hobby-drones and ensure quality aerial precision. The drone has been designed and developed by Ascending Technologies, which was acquired by the Chipmaker early this year.


Targeted specifically at North American markets the patented V-form octocopter provides full electronic system redundancy, featuring redundant batteries, redundant communication between relevant components and redundant sensing. Falcon 8+ houses a novel Intel Cockpit, which is waterproof for use in harsh outdoor environments. The Intel Cockpit integrates independent control and safety features with low latency digital video link. This supports payloads with up to 1080p resolutions for the best possible live view aiding in valuable structural analysis.


The UAS is equipped with Automated Aerial Sensing solutions with hi-tech onboard sensors that enable a detailed orthography down to millimeter accuracy sample distance. Utilizing these features, users will be able to detect and prevent damages if any, of assets and infrastructure.

Drones are an important computing platform for the future, and Intel is positioning itself at the forefront of this opportunity to provide the compute, sensor, communications and cloud integration for the growing drone ecosystem, quoted Josh Walden, Intel’s senior vice president and general manager of the company’s New Technology Group.

Source: AscendingTechnologies

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