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Intel To Launch World's Most Power Efficient Chip And It's A Limited Edition!

Question asked by Pensu in #Electronics on Jan 5, 2013
Pensu · Jan 5, 2013
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It's always an exciting time when CES is around! And Intel might make the event even more memorable by launching the new “Y” series Ivy Bridge Processors. These new chips are supposed to be world's most power efficient as they go below the mark of 10-Watts. The chips are going to be embedded in laptops and tablets to increase their battery life and make them more thinner.
Current versions of Ivy Bridge Processors have power rating of 17-Watts which are used in ultrabooks and Macbook Air. Though Atom processors have rating below 10-Watts, but they are low-performance chips and their use is limited to tablets and smartphones. The new “Y” series chips will be used in ultrabooks to give them new design and more thinner look.
Technically, lower power rating processors can give better battery life and thinner hardware. So, one can assume even more thinner ultrabooks in coming future. These chips were announced at Intel's annual developer conference last year, and according to a Intel spokesperson, who talked to CNET, “The chips are coming very soon”. Its not clear how far below 10-Watts these chips will go. There is one more catch, the chips are supposed to be available only for selected tablet and laptop models. So, either be ready to grab your copy fast or you can wait for Intel's next generation Haswell processors, which are supposed to be Intel's answer for rapidly growing market of ARM processors. Posted in: #Electronics

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