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Insect screen design for fan house, need help on calculations

Question asked by Alex ee in #Coffee Room on Feb 7, 2012
Alex ee
Alex ee · Feb 7, 2012
Hi there,

I have something need help . This is something related to fluid mechanics.
My question is how do I calculate pressure / force acting on the mesh plate?
Every mesh plate area is about 53.29m^3 and have 40% of holes punch on it.

This is design is for prevent an insect flying into the fan house, but i am worry will the insect screen block off much air going in to the house and causing a vacuum suction on every holes.

Is there formula to calculate that pressure acting on each hole of the insect screen?

I need much help. heap heaps thank.... or can email to me
alex2ee@yahoo.co.uk Posted in: #Coffee Room
zaveri · Apr 23, 2012
Rank A3 - PRO
what do you want it to happen ? should air flow out of the fan through the insect screen ? or the other way round ? what is the application of this fan ? is it a man cooler or a suction device ?

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