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@Kaustubh Katdare • 11 Feb, 2014 • 4 likes
Mehcanical engineering is awesome and these new innovative door designs prove it. I really liked the new approach the designers have given to the way doors open and close. Here's a quick look -


The designs come from Austria by Klemens Troggler. Check out more of the designs -




I think mechanical engineering folks should take it as a challenge and do some more innovation. Anyone wants to design space saving doors for refrigerators? They tend to consume a lot more space in smaller rooms.
@zaveri • 11 Feb, 2014 • 2 likes This is all an advanced version of the four-bar mechanisms.

hats off to Troggler. The "evolution" type was awesome.

as for refrigerator doors, can anything be done about them, now that they also play the secondary function of holding bottles ?
@micheal john • 11 Feb, 2014 awesome design 👍
@Mrinmoy Swarnakar • 11 Feb, 2014 The designing is awesome. And the best one is Evolution Door.
And for the refrigerator doors I totally agree with Zaveri.

zaveri I would like to know if the doors are going to be strong
@alina nishat • 11 Feb, 2014 great 😀
@zaveri • 11 Feb, 2014
Mrinmoy Swarnakar
zaveri I would like to know if the doors are going to be strong
It all depends on the material used. the materials used for the hinges, the coupler bars and the door itself have to be strong as well as light weight at the same time.
@Ankita Katdare • 11 Feb, 2014 😒 Super amazing! Perfect for your underground store-room!

😭 wants one right now.
@Mrinmoy Swarnakar • 12 Feb, 2014 Then I would love to have one at my place.👍
@zaveri • 12 Feb, 2014 Will this ever be marketed in India. ?
@Shah Sharath • 18 Feb, 2014 awsome
what is application with this door?
@zaveri • 18 Feb, 2014
Shah Sharath
what is application with this door?
It is to be used as a door.

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