IniZio 2012 at Government College Of Engineering, Aurangabad, Maharashtra on Jan 27, 2012

IniZio 2012 is a state level civil engineering event organized by Government College Of Engineering, Aurangabad. IniZio brings you the following events -
This competition needs the students to create a model out of popsicle sticks, straws or paper. They will be provided the problem statement beforehand. Such type of event will improve students’ ability to apply their technical knowledge practically and their ability to transform their imagination into standing structures.

Participants will be provided with some basic data which will be used by them for creating a town of dreams viz. a town free of water, electricity and traffic problems with the best possible town planning concepts they could apply!

Here, participants will put into test their drafting skills to compete with other participants.

Participants will be given a choice of five to six topics beforehand. They will be allowed to present on one of the topics. Their presentation skills, knowledge, clarity of thought and novelty in the idea are the points which will be taken into account.

This competition is for engineers passionate about Photography and Filming. Their mettle to showcase and depict the any one topic amongst given to them by creating a film of photographs will come into action. One of the topics will be to create an advertisement of the product of the Title sponsor.

Apart from the technical competitions in the event, this competition will give them opportunity to use their brain in a logical game.

We welcome the organizers to keep us updated through announcements in this event thread.


  • Karan Avad
    Karan Avad
    Hi, I am the coordinator of this event and would like to inform everyone that you can check the details and register for the event on #-Link-Snipped-#

    Also, Like us on our Facebook page - "IniZio 2012" and get a free gift hamper.

    Actually not, but you can still like us, its free.. 😉

    Please feel free to contact me here or on FB as per your convenience. 😀
  • Karan Avad
    Karan Avad

    A photo-motion animation competition. Participate in an all new sort of photographic animation competition. Show your skills with the cam and showcase your creativity with the video. Follow the link to see what photo-motion animation is.

    Contact the respective person for more details or reply here.
    Adios. 😉
  • Karan Avad
    Karan Avad

    visit our facebook page. will only occupy one more tab in your browser. try it. 😉

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