• Hi CEans,

    This is report of our departmental event in our college which is held on Feb 2 2007.

    College name: Koneru Lakshamiah Collge of Engineering (KLCE)

    After the two months of rigorous preparation, the day has finally come. The event, “INFOVISION ‘07a national technical fiesta, where one can exhibit one’s presentation and technical skills, has come into focus this year again. This time with more spices added to its taste. The organizers of the event are getting ready by doing finishing work to start this occasion. After the last touches, the event’s charm gets started with the arrival of participants, guests and dignitaries. At last, the time has come to start this mega gala event of our department and the proceedings started with a prayer song. The Chief guest ,Principal,Chairman and HOD of our department were called upon the dais. As a tradition, before beginning of any event in our college , lamps are lit by Chief guest which is called as ”Jyoti Prajvalana” .Thus officially curtains raised for our event “INFOVISION ‘07”.All the dignitaries addressed the gathering and gave their valuable speech in inspirational manner. The Chief Guest gave a presentation on “Verification & Validation”. After that informative seminar, a snacks break is given. Meanwhile, all the participants are informed about their positions of their presentations, to submit their power point presentations and announced that the registrations are opened for other events to participate.

    The scheduled events are:
    Paper Presentation
    Online Techincal Quiz
    Hacker’s puzzle

    Paper Presentation
    [FONT="] For our paper presentation, in total 130 papers came.14 were selected from them and 3 were selected from internal paper contest held well before this event.So,17 papers were selected for the main event. These are conducted in two sessions and first three positions will get the prizes. Each participant will be given 10 mins [8+2] for presentation.

    [/FONT] Online Technical Quiz
    Online Technical quiz is all about programming skills. It consists of 4 rounds. The person who clears all the rounds with less time will get the prize.

    Hacker’s puzzle
    Hacker’s puzzle is logical game where we have to relate the next URL with the current html page in order to continue in the game. The specialty of the game is we will give complete access to internet and google search engine in order to help the participant in finding the clue. The clues can be anything ranging from alphabets of any language to Presidents of various countries. The person who unlocks maximum pages will get the prize.
    After all the technical stuff, its time to get into our cultural activities. They were nice and the participants are really showed their talents. As they say “Every nice thing should end”, in the valedictory session, prizes were given for winners in each event. The event came to end with National Anthem. [FONT="]To sum up ,the event is grand success and to explain about our event by one of our anchors words is “It’s not fantastic. It’s fabulous. Its Fant-abulous”. [/FONT][FONT="] [/FONT]


    [FONT="] [/FONT]
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  • Mayur Pathak

    MemberMar 12, 2007

    Re: Report of INFOVISION'07

    Hey Mahesh,

    This is great. I really appreciate that you want all the CEans to know more about the college function you had. I specifically liked the hackers puzzle. Its a good idea to have in on CE as well.

    CEans, dont you think covering your college functions and posting on CE is a great idea? This will not only make you and your college popular, but also help fellow CEans to know more about colleges with diverse backgrounds.

    So what are you thinking? Pour in!
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  • Kaustubh Katdare

    AdministratorMar 12, 2007

    Way to go Mahesh! 😁

    Keep it up! Can we have photographs too? 😁

    -The Big K-
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