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Infosys, Wipro - Gaining Momentum , Losing Altitude

Question asked by VAK in #Coffee Room on Sep 26, 2012
VAK · Sep 26, 2012
Yes the market has slowed and there is global recession, but these are companies that are still growing 15% + YoY and delivering margins in excessive of 20% – both of which when compared to the manufacturing industry or global IT consulting companies are still very very creditable. They employ over 150,000 people each and are juggernauts who even in recession hire in excess of 10,000 employees every year. So what is the possible reason for this negativity both internally & externally ? Is the 20 year wave getting over or is there more to it ? I spoke to many old friends in both companies , some who had just left and a few interesting observations emerged.

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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Sep 26, 2012
Rank A1 - PRO
I think this had to happen. The entire industry is based on the 'services' game which is basically a 'numbers' game. The more candidates you recruit and the more is the overall duration of the project; the more you can charge to the clients. That's why the companies tend to recruit candidates in bulk.

People don't work only for the money (though most of the people think they work for 'only money'). People work for challenges in their own capacity and once the job ceases to offer that challenge; things tend to get boring. During my days as a software engineer I'd come up with a lot of innovative ideas, but they were all shot down by the levels in hierarchy.

It's been some time I've left the industry and don't know whether things have changed. But I think after reaching a certain levels of revenues, the companies are going after any IT projects just to keep the cashflow. Could have led to people not interested in their work and job.

The fact needs to be examined - the companies tend to recruit tens of thousands of engineers directly from the campuses, but only a few are actually sent joining letters. Some of the candidates I know have been waiting to get the joining letter since last 1 year or so. Definitely not a good situation.
grsalvi · Sep 27, 2012
Rank C2 - EXPERT
I have heard they hire in bulk just to show large work force and hence get projects from cleints.But last year the biggest recruiter in IT was TCS.We always wonder how they will give projects to so many.However this year all compabies are hiring less in numbers.

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