Infosys On Hiring Spree! Is Another Recession Coming?

Times Of India reported few minutes ago that Infosys is planning to recruit 12,000 engineers in Q2 and 45,000 engineers in FY'12. Infosys to hire 12,000 people in Q2, 45,000 in FY'12 - Times of India . While this might look like a great news for the software professionals, I'm worried that we might be headed to another recession. Once the next recession strikes, it's going to be terrible. The layoffs are going to be MASSIVE.

Indian IT, so far, has been dependent on clients based abroad. If they outsource their work - the Indian companies make money. If, for some reason, the companies can't outsource their work - people get laid off in bulk.

On a related thought, company might just be declaring their mammoth hiring plans to send a positive message among the shareholders - and may not actually recruit so many people. What's your take, folks?


  • *pushkar*
    Its a good news for me then 😀

    I am waiting for any off campus drive from any MNC. Infosys please come soon for us..
  • aashima
    Infosys sure is on a hiring spree. They have vacancies in all departments and for all designations at this time. One reason for massive hiring plans could be its high attrition rate. Second could possibly be its future predictions for a large amount of work. They do have good amount of work coming there way in near future. They are even building more offices which includes its second largest office which just got operational in Hyderabad few months back.
    Doesn't seem that they won't keep their word, but what's actually on their plans, well, we might have to wait and see.

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