07 Aug 2012

Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub Enables Rapid Adoption Of Cloud Services

India's <del>second</del>third biggest IT company, Infosys announced the 'Infosys Cloud Ecosystem', which it calls 'The First Unified Enterprise Gateway to a Hybrid Cloud Environment'. Infy's comprehensive solution enables enterprises to create, adopt and manage various cloud services across the ecosystem. Companies will be able to subscribe to the most relevant IT & Business services through the self-service catalogue feature.


The smart brokerage feature of the Infosys Cloud Ecosystem the decision making process by evaluating up to 20 different parameters including compatibility, quality of service, technology, compliance and total cost of ownership. It offers a single-window view of the whole ecosystem allowing easier billing and metering of all the subscribed services. Read more on this on the link mentioned blow.

Via: Infosys

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