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Information Technology - IT Project Ideas [Mega List] For Third/Final Year Students

Discussion in 'Project Ideas & Seminar Topics' started by Ankita Katdare, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Ankita Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    Computer Science
    Here is a list of project ideas for Information Technology or IT. Students belonging to third year or final year can use these projects as mini-projects as well as mega-projects. This list has been complied after referring to the project ideas that have come across the forum since last few years. If you have questions regarding these projects feel free to ask them in the replies below. You may also ask for abstract of a project idea that you have or want to work on.
    • Internet Shopping Cart System
    • Software robustness for digital society
    • Software as a service
    • Software specification and design methodologies
    • Software development and deployment
    • Programming languages and supporting tools
    • Patterns/Anti-patterns/Artifacts/Frameworks
    • Agile/Generic/Agent-oriented programming
    • Neuronal networks/Fuzzy logic/Temporal logic/ Genetic Algorithms
    • Reasoning models/Model checking/Modular reasoning/
    • Program verification/validation/correctness
    • Embedded and real-time systems
    • Consumer-oriented digital economics
    • Online consumer decision support & advertising
    • Semiotic engineering of online services
    • Human factors in computer systems
    • Personal information management
    • Consumer trust in digital society
    • Interaction in smart environments
    • Mobile consumers and interactive spaces
    • Hedonic and perceived digital quality
    • Usability, aesthetics, and accessibility
    • Multimodal and interactive interfaces
    • Intelligent user interfaces
    • Government services in the context of digital society
    • ICT support for collaboration
    • EKNOW: Information and knowledge management
    • Knowledge data systems
    • Linguistic knowledge representation
    • Knowledge acquisition, processing, and management
    • Cognitive science and knowledge agent-based systems
    • Knowledge modeling and virtualization
    • Context-aware and self-management systems
    • Imprecision/Uncertainty/Incompleteness in databases
    • Geographic and spatial data infrastructures
    • Information technologies
    • Optimization and information technology
    • Business process integration and management
    • Information management systems
    • Information ethics and legal evaluations
    • On-demand business transformation
    • Informational mining/retrieval/classification
    • Multi-criteria decision theory
    • Organizational information systems
    • e-Business, e-Science systems
    • Decision support systems
    • Zero-knowledge systems
    • Expert systems
    • Tutoring systems
    • Digital libraries
    • Databases and mobility in databases
    • Industrial systems
    • TELEMED: Telemedicine and eHealth
    • Telemedicine software and devices
    • Virtual telemedicine
    • Wireless telemedicine
    • Electronic imagery and visualization frameworks
    • Color imaging and multidimensional projections
    • IP-based networking and applications
    • Best effort and QoS
    • e-Learning and mobile learning
    • Service-oriented platforms
    • Peer-to-Peer Systems and applications
    • Web-advertising and Web-publishing
    • Multimedia and Webcasting
    • Consumer-oriented devices and services
    • Mobile TV and IPTV
    • Consumer-oriented e-commerce
    • Smart and digital homes
    • Wearable devices
    • Smart consumer appliances
    • Speech enable appliances
    • Consumer accessibility appliances and services
    • Economics of security and protection
    • Knowledge for global defense
    • Security in network, systems, and applications
    • Trust, privacy, and safeness
    • Business continuity and availability
    • Cryptography and algorithms encryption
    • Rapid Internet attacks and network
    • Applications and network vulnerabilities
    • System advanced paradigms
    • Data-centered information systems
    • User-centric information systems
    • Pervasive and ubiquitous systems
    • Mobile learning and communications
    • Open and distance education systems
    • Management and control
    • Digital telecommunications management
    • Control and monitoring systems
    • Measurement and management systems
    • Human/Machine interface and man-in-the-loop control
    • Energy and power systems control
    • Self-monitoring, self-diagnosing, self-management systems
    • Digital analysis and processing
    • Digital information processing (Voice/Data/Video)
    • Computer graphics and animation
    • Virtual reality/3D graphics/Games
    • Computer modeling/simulation
    • Graphic/Image/Photo/Hand-writing analysis and processing
    • Pattern recognition / Computer vision
    • Natural language processing / robust processing
    • Speech recognition and processing
    • Mobile devices and biotechnologies
    • Robotics/Mobile devices/ Mobile networks
    • Handled and wearable computing and devices
  2. Ankita Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    Computer Science
    • Vehicular navigation and control
    • Nanotechnologies/Systems-on-the-chip/Networks-on-the-chip/ Haptic phenomena
    • Biotechnologies/Bioinformatics/Biometrics/Biomedical systems
    • Computational biochemistry
    • Biological data management
    • Advance IP Traceback Scheme
    • An Efficient Algorithm for Virtual-Wavelength-Path Routing Minimizing Average Number of Hops
    • Multi-input Fuzzy Logic Controller for Brushless dc Motor Drives
    • On the Performance of Ad Hoc Networks with Multiuser Detection, Rate Control and Hybrid ARQ
    • Two-Rule-Based Linguistic Fuzzy Controllers
    • A Unified Log-Based Relevance Feedback Scheme for Image Retrieval
    • The Impact of Loss Recovery on Congestion Control for Reliable Multicast
    • Dynamic Location Strategy for Hot Mobile Subscribers in personal Communications
    • Simulation-based Comparisons of Tahoe, Reno, and SACK TCP
    • Network Simulation Creator and Animator/NAM Enhanced Simulation Animation (NS2)
    • MobiNet: A Scalable Emulation Infrastructure for Ad Hoc and Wireless Networks
    • A Robust Spanning Tree Topology for Data Collection and Dissemination in Distributed Environments
    • Estimating Ridge Topologies with High Curvature for Fingerprint Authentication Systems
    • Generation of Reliable PINs from Fingerprints
    • Physical Implementation and Evaluation of Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols using Unmodi ed Simulation Models
    • A Visualization and Analysis Tool for NS-2 Wireless Simulations: iNSpect
    • Impact of Node Mobility on MANET Routing Protocols Models
    • Dynamic Signature Verification Using Discriminative Training
    • A Fingerprint Orientation Model Based on 2D Fourier Expansion (FOMFE) and Its Application to Singular-Point Detection and Fingerprint Indexing
    • A Signal Processing Module for the Analysis of Heart Sounds and Heart Murmurs
    • A Framework for Distributed Key Management Schemes in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Ann Based Control Patterns Estimator For UPFC Used In Power Flow Problem
    • UPFC Simulation and Control Using the ATP/EMTP and MATLAB/Simulink Programs
    • A Simulation Analysis of Routing Misbehaviour in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
    • Simulation Study of BlackHole Attack In MANET: Detection and Prevention
    • Secure Internet Connectivity for Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) based Mobile Ad hoc Networks
    • Maximum Confidence Hidden Markov Modeling for Face Recognition
    • A Statistics Based Design of MAC Protocols with Distributed Collision Resolution for Ad Hoc Networks
    • Power Flow Control with UPFC
    • Scalable Urban Network Simulator
    • Control Setting of Unified Power Flow Controller Through Load Flow Calculation
    • E-Campus
    • ERP/CRM
    • Virtual University
    • Flexible Network Monitoring Tool Based on a Data Stream Management System
    • Remote Service Monitor.
    • Desk FM Monitor
    • Verifying Delivery, Authorization and Integrity of Electronic Messages
    • A Utility-Based Incentive Scheme for P2P File Sharing in MANETs
    • Java Dynamic Data Viewer
    • E-learning
    • Satellite Image Processing.
    • Color Image Segmentation
    • File System Workload Analysis
    • E-form Application for Employee Management Using Hibernate Vs JDBC
    • E-Job Card and Timesheet Using Hibernate Vs JDBC
    • IP Spoofing Detection Approach (ISDA) for Network Intrusion Detection System
    • CSI-KNN-based Intrusion Detection System
    • Host Based IDS
    • Voice Over IP
    • Online Video/Audio Conference
    • Anomaly Detection/One-Class Classification Algorithm
    • Anomaly Detection/One-Class Classification Algorithm
    • Intranet Based Email System
    • Automatic Java Media Manager
    • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) in Java
    • Effective Decision Tree Algorithm
    • A Hackers Approach to Improve the A.I. Behind CAPTCHA
    • Advanced Computer Cluster Architecture
    • Fair and dynamic Bandwidth Distribution Architecture
    • Network based Gaming Server.(NGS)
    • Code Database Servers-A Centralized Compiler Architecture
    • Code Review Tool Using Existing Third Party Implementations
    • Web Application Server Development Using SMS
    • Data Recovery In Ext2 files system and Adding secure deletion to your favorite file System
    • All in One Steganography
    • Design considerations for computer-telephony application programming interfaces and related components
    • Services in Converged Network (Value-Added Services)
    • Peer To Peer Secure Internet Telephony (SIP)
    • Model Checking of Software Components: Combining Java Pathfinder and Behavior Protocol Model Checker
    • Effectively Tuning and Optimizing the Database
    • Soundbox: A Graphical Interface to Digital
    • Directory Retrieval Using Voice Form Filling Online
    • Polyphonic Wizards
    • Incorporating Quality Considerations into Project Time/Cost Tradeoff Analysis and Decision Making.
    • Enhance the Email Performance Through SMTP- New Approach
    • ETHEREAL System
    • Load Balancer in client-server architectures
    • Without packet Reordering dynamic load balancing
  3. Ankita Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    Computer Science
    • Without Load Balancing in MANET: Single Path Routing Vs. Multi Path Routing
    • Push Vs Pull: Quantative Comparison for Data Broadcast
    • Graphical Search Engine
    • GSM Based LAN Monitoring
    • Image Restoration
    • Information Retrieval SMS Server
    • LAN Based Bit Torrent
    • Quicklook approach to IDS
    • Generating Windows Presentation Foundation using templates
    • Bypassing Vista USA and correctly launching interactive process from a windows service.
    • AntiSqlFilter-Blocking SQL Injection Hacker Attacks
    • Java SIP Signaling Comptroller
    • A Text Watermarking Algorithm based on Word Classification and Inter-word Space Statistics & Multi word features
    • Multicast Application and Approach to Security issues using key management
    • Webcam Image Tracker.
    • Human Head Internal Rendering with Mouth and Text To Speech Synthesizer
    • Hybrid Constraint Satisfaction Problem Solver
    • Hybrid Query Expansion
    • Web Based Artificial Intelligence Simulations
    • Circular Target Detection and Pattern Detection
    • Object Tracking Using Radial Basis Function Network
    • Developing wireless components
    • Congestion Window Control
    • Implement SIP call control for voice Telephony.
    • Implement Registration Server and Presence Server for SIP.
    • Implement security framework for P to P file system
    • GNUTELLA client for LINUX
    • Matchmaking website
    • Productivity Enhancement tool for Animation industry
    • Web-based presentation of Soil-biotechnology (SBT)
    • Implementation of Soil-biotechnology(SBT)
    • Semantic WEB
    • E-Commerce related project
    • User Interfaces for Web Applications
    • Exploring XUL as a GUI development kit
    • Business Card Manager
    • PCI Interface to Wireless LAN
    • GUI Front-end for Postgres
    • Low cost affordable raid storage
    • Optimization on postgres optimizer
    • Embedded Systems for Automobiles
    • Document Manager
    • WorkFlow Management System
    • Characterization of JVM
    • Performance Evaluation and Modeling of Servlet Containers
    • MAC Layer Scheduling in Ad-hoc Networks
    • Scalable infrastructure for index based information extraction over large document collections
    • Efficient inference algorithm for large state space graphical model
    • Information Extraction in Diverse Setting
    • Anomaly Detection
    • Information Retrieval in Resource Constrained Environments
    • Dynamic Data Dissimination in Resource Constrained Environment
    • Using Multiple Decomposition Methods and Combining a Multitude of Experts
    • Using a multitude of experts in time series forecasting
    • Forecasting
    • Matchmaking algorithms for Semantic Web Services
    • To Coordinate Collaborative Software Development Based on SDLC Models
    • Collaborative Platform for Open Source
    • Feedback Based Self-Configuring Systems
    • Towards Evaluating Lexico-Semantic Networks
    • Semantic Searching using NLP techniques
    • Word Sense Disambiguation Engine for Multiple Languages
    • Marathi Sentence Generation from UNL.
    • Automating News Gathering and Classification
    • RFID Data Management
    • RFID Data Management
    • Performance Analysis of Telephony Routing Protocols
    • Load Sensitive Routing algorithm and its application in traffic engineering
    • Energy Efficient Event Reliable Transport in Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Inter-operability of IEEE 802.11 with IEEE 802.11e
    • Intelligent Car Transportation System (IntelliCarTS)
    • Design and Implementation of WiFiRE protocol
    • Design and Implementation of WiFiRE protocol
    • Design and implementation of PSTN/VoIP gateway with inbuilt PBX.
    • Extending Shikav to support animation of networking protocols
    • Compression in Flash-based Databases
    • Topology-Aware Failure Diagnosis For Distributed Enterprise Systems.
    • Object-level Partitioning of Applications
    • Power Aware duty scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Building Cluster Environment For Interactive Users.
    • Overload Control of Web Services with SEDA
    • P-AODV: Extension of AODV for Partially Connected Ad Hoc Networks
    • Hybrid Mechanism for Enhancing the Performance of Streaming Service in D-T MA
    • WiMax MAC over WiFi PHY for rural communication
    • A Contention Window Differentiation Mechanism for providing QoS in 802.11
    • Video over variable bandwidth links
    • Improving RFID System to read the tags efficiently
    • RFID Security
    • Object-level Partitioning of Applications
    • On supporting Design evolution and treaceablity
    • Improve Forecasting Performance Using Decomposition and Combining
    • Using Multitude of Time Series Forecasting Models to Improve Forecast
    • Short Term Load Forecasting
    • Integrated Case Based Reasoning And Rule Based Reasoning for Insurance
    • Hybrid Model Based Reasoning in Finance
    • Efficient Causality Tracking in Optimistic Distributed Simulation
    • Publish-Subscribe systems for P2P Networks
    • Secure Routers
    • DNS based Multihoming
    • Indian Internet Tomography
    • Performance Study of Infiniband Based Cluster
    • Optimal Router Buffer Size
    • Why Disks fail in India and what can be done about it
    • Estimating latencies and buffer requirements in multimedia networks
    • Receiver feedback based rate adaptation of multimedia sources.
    • Statistical models for Information Extraction from webpages
    • Tools for comparative analysis of extraction algorithms
    • Aggregate queries on uncertain results of data integration systems
    • Improving performance of large scale data integration systems
    • Forecasting using Neural Networks
    • Forecasting using Genetic Algorithms.
    • Vehicle Driver Rating System
    • Image Classification Using Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
    • Dynamic Topology Extraction for Component Based Enterprise Application Environments
    • Database In Smart Cards
    • Low Bit Rate Speech Coding
    • Code Generation for Lazy Functional Languages
    • Spectral methods for Graph Partitioning
    • QOS Architecture for Mobile Nodes
    • Digital video browser and multimedia content search
    • XML agents in Smart Cards
    • Computational Geometry in Drug Design
    • Pure Optical router for Optical routing without electronic intervention
    • FPGA implementation of 802.11 MAC.
    • 3D View Morphing
    • Learning Paths for Information Extraction
    • Application of Geometric invariants in finding structural properties in biological molecules
    • Content Cognizant data dissemination
    • Autonomic Computing and Self Healing Systems
    • NOT AVIALBLE Data Mining
    • QoS in Wireless Networks
    • NOT AVIALBLE Data Mining (title yet to be decided)
    • Building VoIP over DEP Network
    • Secure Update Semantics in XML databases (Area)
    • Hardware - Software Codesign using hierarchical Finite State machines
    • Design and Deployment of a Transfer Control Protocol over Asymmetric Satellite Networks
    • Semi Automatic generation of properties for verification
    • Protein prediction.
    • Streaming in Networks
    • NOT AVAILABLE DEP networking (title yet to be decided)
    • Information Retrieval
    • Information Theoretic Text Similarity Measurement Using Approximate Word Sense Disambiguation
    • Chaos based Encryption for a Structured Video Codec
    • Synchronization Specifier and Presenter for Authoring System
    • Tackling the exposed node problem in IEEE 802.11 MAC
    • Design and Deployment of a Reliable File Transfer Protocol over Asymmetric Satellite Networks
    • Robust HTML to DOM conversion and applications
    • Detection of recurring patterns in protein structure by superimposition and geometric hashing
    • QoS based Routing Algorithms in Internet
    • Object Based Video Segmentation
    • Reconfigurable Packet Classifier
    • Design and Evaluation of an IEEE 802.11 Based Dual MAC for MANETs
    • Optimizing the evaluation of complex similarity predicates on large datasets
    • Dynamic Adaption of DCF and PCF mode of IEEE 802.11 WLAN
    • Information Hiding Using Fractal Encoding
    • Verification of Communicating Reactive State Machines
    • Dynamic Slicing of Programs
    • Semi Supervised Information Extraction Using Hidden Markov Mode
    • Slicing of Synchronous Programs
    • Fast Algorithms for the Modified Discrete Cosine Transform
    • Video Streaming in Wireless Environments
    • Design and Implementation of Traffic Engineering Extensions for OSPF
    • Route Repair in Mobile Adhoc Networks
    • Design of Multi-threaded Label Distribution Protocol for MPLS Emulator
    • Filter Object Framework for MICO - Static Model
    • DSP Based Virtual Private Network
    • Design and Implementation of RSVP-TE over MPLS Emulator
    • TAX: Tree Algebra for XML Implementation
    • Filter Object Framework for MICO - Dynamic Model
    • A Reconfigurable Scheduling Co-Processor
    • A Hybrid Approach to Semi-Supervised Learning
    • Interactive Deduplication using Active Learning
    • Security Issues in Mobile Agents
    • Filter Object Framework for MICO - Dynamic Model
    • Multi-threaded Label Distribution Protocol for MPLS Emulator
    • Traffic Engineering Extensions to OSPF
    • Development of basic TGREP simulator
    • Development of QoS enhancement in VOIP applicationDevelopment of QoS enhancement in VOIP application
    • Building a Distributed Computing Environment in KreSIT
    • Development of an API for using SMS as transport layer.
    • Voice message transfer using Personalised Repository based Speech-Coding techniques
    • Telematic Application - Global Position Aware Vehicle
    • Framework for cascading Payments in P2P
    • Implementation of Virtual Private Database (VPDmechanism for POSTGRES.)
    • Implementation of an ASP based Supply Chain Management System
    • Development of Orchestration Server based on BPEL4WS standard (tentatively named as "ORCSERV").
    • Development of LBX: Low-Bandwidth X
    • Development of Thin LINUX desktop with or without X
    • Source code management (like Rational Clearcase)
    • Grid Computing
    • Linux Clustering
    • Formal Specification and Verification of WiFiRe
    • Performance Analysis of WiFi-Re(Wireless Fidelity - Rural Extension)
    • Design and Implementation of PSTN to VoIP Gateway in built Asterisk PBX
    • Optimized and delay sensitive service provisioning over SLiT networks
    • Detecting and Blocking Skype
    • Design of an Infrastructure using WiFi for Road Naviation
    • Approximation Algorithm for Facility location and related problems
    • Wireless Security
    • Context Aware Service Oriented Architecture
    • Web Monitoring for Lightweight Devices
    • Web based Named Entity Recognition
    • Learning relevance order over graphically linked objects
    • Exploiting Local Regularities in Text Segmentation using Conditional Random Fields
    • Statistical Learners for Information Extraction:An Empiricial Approach
    • Recurring Functional Sites in Protein Structures detected with allowance for Substitution of Amino Acids.
    • Web Monitoring for Lightweight Devices
  4. sanakazi

    sanakazi Apprentice

    Engineering Discipline:
    hello, can u give me brief idea/ abstract about these topics and any other suggested ideas for web/mobile application
    • TELEMED: Telemedicine and eHealth
    • Telemedicine software and devices
    • Virtual telemedicine
    • Wireless telemedicine
    • e-Learning and mobile learning
    • Vehicular navigation and control
    • virtual university thank you
  5. funkysoul

    funkysoul Newbie

    Engineering Discipline:
    M in ma final yr IT, n i m havin trouble choosin an appropriate project of mine...
    Can u enlist d projects involved with Neural networks/Fuzzy logic ??
    P.S.: URGENT !!
    Thnx in advance..
  6. starssparkling

    Engineering Discipline:
    Computer Science
    Word Sense Disambiguation Engine for Multiple Languages i want this project can any body mail me
  7. balachandrens

    balachandrens Newbie

    Engineering Discipline:
    Can anyone please provide source code for Development of an API for using SMS as transport layer
  8. Vaikunth

    Vaikunth Newbie

    Engineering Discipline:
    i want abstract and basic project idea for E-campus and E-learning
  9. sunil uttamrao surduse

    Engineering Discipline:
  10. sunil uttamrao surduse

    Engineering Discipline:
    privide details of above project
  11. sunil uttamrao surduse

    Engineering Discipline:
    provide abstract

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